Non-Citizen Categorically Needy SSI Related (S07)

Created on: 
Jan 16 2019

Online Processing 

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Who is eligible for Non-Citizen CN SSI Related (S07) medical?

Undocumented aliens with a medical emergency who are SSI-related (aged, blind, or disabled), may be eligible to receive S07 medical coverage. See Apple Health eligibility manual - Apple Health Alien Medical Programs for more information.

What happens when a Non-Citizen client active on Medically Needy (MN) medical (S95) or Long Term Care MN No Spenddown (L95) becomes eligible for Non-Citizen CN SSI Related (S07) medical?

When a client is active on Medically Needy (L95/S95) and becomes eligible for S07, AUTO changes the medical coverage group to S07.

Online Processing

How do I screen Non-Citizen CN SSI Related (S07) medical?

S07 is screened initially as a SSI Related Categorically Needy (S02) Assistance Unit (AU). For instructions, see SSI Related Medical - How do I screen S02 medical?. When coded correctly, the S02 trickles to S07 when the AU is finalized.

NOTE: When screening the S02 AU, include all immediate family members in the household/AU to ensure proper allocation/deeming of income.

How do I process a pending Non-Citizen CN SSI Related (S07) medical Assistance Unit (AU)?

To process a pending SSI Related Categorically Needy (S02)/S07 AU, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Case Actions page. For more information, see How do I access the Case Actions page in ACES 3G?
  2. Complete the interview following the steps in Online Processing - How do I initiate and complete an intake interview?
  3. On the AU Details page choose the following Financial Responsibility codes:
  • Applicant (PN) for the applicant.
  • Ineligible Spouse (SP) for an ineligible or non-applying spouse.
  • Child - SSI/Of SSI-related Parent/Used for HH Size (SC) for non-applying children of the applicant(s).
  1. On the Client page update the following fields:
  • In the Citizenship / Alien section:
    • Citizenship Status field - Select Undocumented Alien (U) using the drop down menu.
    • Other Federally Qualifying Status field - Select No Federal Qualified Status (NQ) using the drop down menu.
    • Alien medical Approval Source field - Select ADSA Headquarters Approved (A) or HCA Med Consultant Approved (H) using the drop down menu
    • Alien medical approval begin date field - Enter the [approval begin date].
    • Alien medical approval end date field - Enter the [approval end date].
  • In the Disability / Incapacitated / Psychiatric section:
    • Disability/Incapacity Type field - Select the appropriate disability or incapacity type using the drop down menu.
    • Approval Source field - Select the appropriate approval source using the drop down menu.
    • Approval Date field - Enter the [disability or incapacity approval date].
    • Established Date field - Enter the [date the disability or incapacity was established].
    • End Date [MM/YYYY] field - Enter the [end date if appropriate].
  1. On the Expense page, click the Add icon to add a Shelter Expense page for the applicant, if applicable.  Enter the applicant's shelter expense information in the appropriate fields.
  1. Complete all other screens as needed following the instructions in How do initiate and complete an intake interview?.
  2. After committing the interview data, follow the instructions in How do I complete Process Application Months? for all pending months.
  3. After all pending months have been processed, follow the instructions in How do I complete Finalize Application? to complete the S07 eligibility determination.

How do I open coverage for a non-citizen receiving Long Term Care (LTC) services in a residential setting?

To open coverage for a non-citizen receiving LTC services in a residential setting, follow the steps in State Funded LTC - SSI Related for Non-Citizens at Home or Alternate Living Facility (L24) - Online Processing.


See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.