Case Actions (ACES 3G)

Created on: 
Nov 15 2019

​Online Processing

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What is Case Actions in ACES 3G?

Case Actions is a web based tool that is used to process eligibility for Department of Social and Health Services, cash, food and medical programs. 

How do I access the Case Actions page in ACES 3G?

The Case Actions page can be accessed in one of the following ways in

  • From Homepage, under the Quick Navigation section:
    • Select Client from the Select a Type of ID dropdown menu.
    • Enter a [Client ID] in the Enter an ID field.
    • Select Case Actions from the Select a Page dropdown menu.
    • Click Go.


  • Select Assistance Unit from the Select a Type of ID dropdown menu.
  • Enter [Assistance Unit ID] in the Enter an ID field.
  • Select Case Actions from the Select a Page dropdown menu.
  • Click Go.


  • From either the Client Summary or Assistance Unit Summary page:
    • Click Case Actions from the Case Maintenance dropdown menu.

What sections are available on the Case Actions page in ACES 3G?

On the Case Actions page in ACES 3G you see the following sections:

  • Pending Applications
    • Displays pending applications for the household.
  • Mid-Certification Reviews
    • Displays Assistance Units (AUs) that have a Mid-Certification Review due.  The AU is listed along with the MCR Due Date and Status.
  • Eligibility Reviews
    • When appropriate, displays Show All Eligible Review AUsInitiate Review and Process ER links.
    • The links do not display for:
      • A Medically Needy SSI Related Medical with Spenddown (S99) AU in MA Spenddown (M) status (spenddown is unmet) until the ongoing month is at least one month after the review end month; or
      • A Basic Food AU more than 45 days before the end of the certification period.
  • Reinstate
    • Displays AUs closed within three months of the ongoing month.
    • Once reinstatement is initiated, the Process Reinstated Months subsection displays with a link to each benefit month to complete the reinstatement process.
  • Change of Circumstances
    • Displays the Start Changes and Start Trial Eligibility links.
  • Pending Letters
    • Displays any currently pending letters and the Create Letter link.
  • Alerts
    • Displays ACES Alerts for the household. 

Online Processing

What actions can I take on the Case Actions page in ACES 3G?

From the Case Actions page in ACES 3G, you can take the following actions:

  • Pending Applications section:
    • To begin the interview process on a pending application, click Start Interview.
    • After the interview process is completed, in the Process Application Month section, a Red X next to a benefit month indicates the benefit month must be processed. To process a benefit month, click the benefit month link.
    • To finalize the application, click Finalize.
    • For more information, see InterviewProcess Application Months, and Finalize Application.
  • Mid-Certification Reviews section:
  • Eligibility Reviews section:
    • To initiate a review, click Initiate Review.
    • To see Assistance Units (AUs) that can have a review initiated early, click Show All Eligible Review AUs.
    • After Initiate Review is selected, click Process ER to process an Eligibility Review.
    • For more information, see Eligibility Review.
  • Reinstate
    • Click the Start Reinstatement link to open the Reinstate – AU ID page and select the month(s) to Initiate Reinstatement.
    • When Process Reinstated Months display, click a month to complete the reinstatement process.
    • For more information, see Reinstatement.
  • Change of Circumstances section:
    • The Benefit Month drop down menu allows changes to a benefit month. Once a month is selected, click Start Changes to make updates.
    • To test eligibility without committing the data, click Start Trial Eligibility.
    • For more information, see Change of Circumstances.
  • Pending Letters section:
    • View pending letters.
    • Click Create Letter to manually create an letter.
    • For more information, see Letters.
  • Alerts section:
    • Click the Alert Code to see a description of the specific alert.
    • Delete an Alert using the checkbox under the Delete Details Red X column.
    • For more information, see Alerts.

See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.