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Nov 15 2019

Online Processing

See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.

Where do I find DSHS forms online?

To view DSHS forms, go to the Financial Services Administration Electronic DSHS Forms section.

Online Processing

What forms can be printed from ACES?

The following are forms that can be printed from ACES:

NOTE: The outdated Application for Benefits (AFB) Form has been replaced by Letter 001-02 (Interactive Interview Declaration) or IID.  The IID is a traditional ACES letter that appears in the Electronic Case Record (ECR) in Barcode indexed as RFB (Request for Benefits) with a SubType of IID.  The IID is also available in ACES Letter History.  See Letters, How do I print an Interactive Interview Declaration (IID)?
  • Several other DSHS forms can be printed as individual attachments or included in a letter as an attachment. See Letters chapter.

How do I print a form from ACES?

To print a form from ACES 3G or, you must have a printer defined in ACES.

A default printer can be assigned by having an ACES Security Monitor submit a security request through

If you want your form to print to a different printer take the following steps on the Letters Summary page in

  1. Click the Change Printer link.
  2. In the Change to: field in the pop-up box, enter [the new Printer ID].
  3. Click the Update Printer button to complete the action.
NOTE: The system will change back to your default printer once you logoff of 

If the head of household's primary language code is English, or one of the non-supported languages, the form will print in English.

If the head of household's primary language code is one of the supported languages, it will print in both the primary language as well as English.

How do I print a Request for Benefits (RFB)?

The RFB can be printed when the client has not completed and signed a pre-printed request for assistance (sometimes referred to as Part 1 of the Application Form – DSHS 14-001X).

To print a RFB, take the following steps:

  1. During screening click on the Print RFB link on the Commit Status page.  For more information on screening, see Screening an Application chapter.
  2. Click the Print button located at the top or bottom of the RFB page.
  3. When the RFB has printed, click the Next button to return to the Commit Status page.
  4. If the screening is complete, click the Exit Screening button or if continuing with the interview click the Interview button.

How do I print an Equal Access Plan?

For more information on how to print an Equal Access Plan see the Equal Access chapter question, How do I print an Equal Access Plan.


See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.