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Aug 22 2021

Online Processing

See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.

Where is the letters function?

The letters function is only available through ACES.online.

What DSHS Mailroom inserts are sent with letters?

Postage-paid return envelopes for for Health Care Authority (HCA), Home and Community Services (HCS), and Community Services Division (CSD) are automatically generated and inserted into letters that are printed and mailed from State Office.  Common examples include:

  • 013-01 Office Appointment for ER
  • 013-02 Phone Appointment for ER
  • 013-03 Weekly Appointment for Eligibility Review
  • 022-01 Mail-in ER for Cash/Food/Medical
  • 022-05 Redetermination for Medical
  • 022-06 WASHCAP expiration
  • 022-07 Mid-Certification Review
  • 022-24 Approval for Expedited Food Assistance
  • 023-01 Missing Verification for Interview
  • 023-02 Request for Information
  • 023-07 SSN Discrepancy
  • 023-08 SSN Referral
  • 023-11 HCA Retro Medical Request Letter

What languages does ACES Letters currently support?

ACES Letters support the following  languages:

  • English
  • Cambodian
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Laotian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese
  • Somali

What if my letter needs translation?

For information about Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and ACES Correspondence see EAZ Manual - Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

NOTE: ACES Letters only accept characters in English and Spanish languages. Users shouldn’t manually add or copy and paste other languages.

What are the current ACES Letters?

Current ACES Letters are listed below. To see the letter number and name, click on one of the following categories.

Administrative Hearing Letters

  • 060-01 Administrative Hearing Communication - Internal
  • 060-02 Pre-Hearing Conference
  • 060-03 Referral to AG – Internal

Appointment Letters

  • 011-01 Interview Appointment for Applicant
  • 011-02 Phone Appointment for Applicant
  • 013-01 Office Appointment for ER
  • 013-02 Phone Appointment for ER
  • 013-03 Weekly Appointment for Eligibility Review
  • 045-01 Preliminary Overpayment Appointment Letter - All Programs
  • 050-05 General Appointment Letter

Approval Letters

  • 002-01 Approval Letter
  • 002-07 Approval for DCA
  • 002-16 Approval for Medical/Waivered Services
  • 002-17 Approval for LTC & Medical Benefits
  • 002-18 Approval for Hospice Services
  • 002-19 Approval for COPES Residential Services
  • 002-20 Approval for Institutional Benefits with Spenddown
  • 002-21 Approval for Institutional SSI with State Supplement
  • 002-22 Approval for Institutional, GAX or GAU
  • 002-24 Approval for Expedited Food Assistance
  • 002-25 Approval for Medicare Cost Sharing
  • 002-31 Approval for PII
  • 002-32 Short Stay Approval Letter
  • 002-33 Approval for Children's Full Premium Medical (Invalid as of 10/16/16)
  • 002-34 Approval for Disaster Assistance
  • 002-36 Working Family Support Approval
  • 002-37 Approval of Tailored Supports for Older Adults
  • 025-02 Approval for Medical Extension Benefits from Cash Assistance (Invalid as of 4/16/17)
  • 025-03 Approval for Transitional Refugee Medical (Invalid as of 4/16/17)
  • 025-04 Approval for Medical Extension Benefits from Medical Termination (Invalid as of 4/16/17)
  • 025-05 Approval for Extension of TANF Past 60 Months
  • 075-05 Approval for AREQ

Change Letters

  • 008-01 Change in Cash/Food Assistance
  • 008-04 Change in ADATSA Outpatient to Residential
  • 008-05 Conversion to WASHCAP
  • 008-06 Resetting TANF Time Clock
  • 008-07 Change in Medical Premiums
  • 009-01 Change from GAX to GAU
  • 009-02 Change to Family Planning Extension
  • 010-01 General - No Change in Benefits
  • 018-01 Change in Participation Amount LTC
  • 018-02 Change in COPES Residential Cost of Care
  • 018-03 LTC Change or Termination
  • 024-01 Change in Case Worker

Denial Letters

  • 004-01 Cash Denial for AU
  • 004-02 Food Assistance Denial for AU
  • 004-03 Medical/LTC Denial for AU
  • 004-05 General Denial - No Information
  • 004-06 Condolence Denial
  • 004-07 Full Premium Children's Medical
  • 004-08 Disaster Cash Assistance Denial
  • 004-09 Disaster Food Assistance Denial
  • 004-10 Working Family Support Denial
  • 005-01 Cash Denial for Individual
  • 005-02 Food Assistance Denial for Individual
  • 005-03 Medical/LTC Denial for Individual

Disqualification Letters

  • 055-01 ADH for 1st or 2nd Offense Before 1/1/97
  • 055-02 1st or 2nd Food Assistance Disqualification After 12/31/96
  • 055-03 ADH for 1st or 2nd Offense/Duplicate Participation
  • 055-04 ADH for Permanent Disqualification
  • 055-05 Disqualification for Children's Full Premium Medical (Invalid as of 10/16/16)
  • 056-01 Food Assistance Disqualification - ADH Decision
  • 056-02 Food Assistance Disqualification - Court Decision
  • 056-03 Food Assistance Disqualification - Diversion Agreement

EBT/EFT Letters

  • 037-01 60 Days Non-Use of EBT
  • 037-02 EBT Expungement Warning Letter
  • 037-03 Notice of EBT Adjustment Decision
  • 037-04 EBT High Balance
  • 038-01 Food Assistance Payee Remittance
  • 038-02 Cash Assistance Payee Remittance
  • 038-03 Cancellation of Food Assistance Benefits
  • 039-01 Reject Pre-Note/Direct Deposit
  • 039-02 EFT Reversal Letter
  • 039-03 Confirmation of EFT Enrollment

ETR (Exception To Rule) Letters

  • 070-01 ETR Request - Internal
  • 070-02 ETR Request
  • 070-03 ETR not Requested
  • 070-04 ETR Approval
  • 070-05 ETR Denial

Miscellaneous Letters

  • 001-02 Interactive Interview Declaration
  • 016-01 Failure to Appear for Application Interview
  • 030-01 Vendor Payment
  • 031-01 Notice to Vendor About Change in Payment
  • 032-01 Vendor Payment Termination
  • 033-02 Receipt of Medical Extension Report
  • 040-01 CHIP Out-of-Pocket Maximums Reached
  • 050-01 General Correspondence
  • 050-02 Received Application - No Appointment Needed
  • 050-06 Correspondence - Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)
  • 050-07 SSI Refugee Citizenship
  • 075-01 Additional DCA Status
  • 075-02 AREN Status
  • 075-03 CEAP Status
  • 075-04 Hardship Waiver Request Status
  • 080-01 Quality Assurance Appointment

Overpayment Letters

  • 045-02 Cash Assistance Overpayment - Intentional
  • 045-03 Cash Assistance Overpayment - Unintentional
  • 045-04 DCA Loan
  • 045-05 Food Assistance Overpayment - Inadvertent Error
  • 045-06 Food Assistance Overpayment - Administrative Error
  • 045-07 Food Assistance Overpayment - IPV
  • 045-08 Medical Assistance Overpayment
  • 045-09 Overpayment Modification

Redetermination Letters

  • 022-01 Mail-In ER for Cash/Food/Medical (Non-LTC)
  • 022-03 Food Assistance Expiration
  • 022-04 Redetermination for LTC
  • 022-05 Redetermination for Medical at SSI Termination
  • 022-06 WASHCAP Expiration
  • 022-07 Mid-Certification Review
  • 022-08 DSHS Eligibility Review for Children's & Family Medical (Invalid as of 10/16/16)
  • 022-09 Redetermination for Medical (BCCTP)
  • 022-10 Medical Extension Report
  • 022-11 Mid Certification Review - Food Assistance Only
  • 022-12 Working Family Support Eligibility Review
  • 023-11 HCA Retro Medical Request Letter
  • 027-01 Cash/Medical/ Food Recertification
  • 027-02 Incapacity Redetermination
  • 027-04 LTC Recertification
  • 027-05 WASHCAP Post Review
  • 027-06 Disability Redetermination
  • 027-07 Renewal
  • 027-08 Renewal Reminder (Invalid as of 4/16/17)

 Request for Information Letters

  • 023-01 Missing Verification for Interview
  • 023-02 Request for Information
  • 023-03 Transfer Letter
  • 023-07 SSN Discrepancy
  • 023-08 SSN Referral
  • 023-10 Request for Supplemental Form

Spenddown Letters

  • 020-01 MN Spenddown
  • 020-05 PII with Spenddown

Supplement (or Underpayment) Letter

  • 017-01 Supplemental Payment for Cash/Food

Suspension Letter

  • 007-01 Suspension for Cash/Food

Termination Letters

  • 006-01 Termination for AU
  • 006-02 Termination of TANF/SFA
  • 006-03 GA Termination on Reconsideration
  • 006-04 GA Termination for Clear Improvement
  • 006-05 GA Termination for No Medical Information
  • 006-06 GA Termination for Medical Evidence Inconclusive
  • 006-07 GA Termination for No Incapacity - Prior Error
  • 006-08 General Termination of Benefits for an Individual
  • 006-09 Condolence Termination
  • 006-10 Renewal Termination
  • 006-12 Working Family Support Termination
  • 026-04 Eligibility Review Termination
  • 026-05 Medical/LTC ER Termination
  • 033-03 Non-Receipt of Mid-Certification Review

WorkFirst/E&T Letters

  • 036-01 Community Jobs
  • 085-01 WorkFirst Non-Participation Appointment
  • 085-02 Food Assistance E&T Good Cause
  • 085-03 Missed Appointment or Activity for IRP
  • 085-06 WorkFirst Participation - TANF Pending
  • 085-07 WorkFirst Incentive Payment Approval
  • 085-08 WorkFirst Incentive Payment Denial

Where do I find DSHS forms online?

To view DSHS forms online, go to: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/office-of-the-secretary/forms.

Online Processing

How are letters created?

Letters can be created automatically by ACES or created by a user via ACES.online.

  • A letter can be manually created through ACES.online via the Client>>Letter Summary page or the Assistance Unit>>Letter Summary page.

Any attempt to create a letter on an AU terminated or denied prior to November 2001 will generate edit message, AU [AU number] was closed or denied prior to November 2001. A new letter can’t be generated using this Assistance Unit. Click OK to return to the Create Letters page then select or enter a different AU.

  • Users can still reprint letters that were previously sent from an AU which was closed or denied prior to November 2001.
  • If that AU is reopened the system also allows the user to generate new letters.   

How do I manually create a letter?

  1. On the Welcome Back page of ACES.online, use the Quick Navigation section to do the following:
  • In the Select a Type of ID drop down box, select Client or Assistance Unit from the drop down options.
  • In the Enter an ID box, enter [the client or Assistance Unit (AU) ID].
  • In the Select a Page drop down box, click Letters.
  • Click the Go button, and the Client>>Letter Summary or Assistance Unit>>Letter Summary page displays.


  1. From the Client>>Summary or Assistance Unit>>Summary page, click on the Letters link. The Client>>Letter Summary or Assistance Unit>>Letter Summary page displays.
  2. Click the Create Letter box.
  • When creating the letter from the Client>>Letter Summary page, select an AU from the Create Letter pop up.
  • When using the Assistance Unit>>Letter Summary, the Create Letter pop up displays with the chosen AU.
  1. Click the Next button.
  2. Select a letter category from the Letter Category drop down box.
  3. Select the appropriate letter from the Letter drop down box.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. If required, select the benefit month(s) affected by the case action.
NOTE: The benefit months on the Letter are listed chronologically from left to right, starting with the ongoing benefit month followed by any historical months. The program is capable of listing 60 benefit months. If more than 60 months are needed, identify those months in the free-form text box.
  1. Click Next.
  2. The Letter Edit pop up displays with the selected letter.
  3. In the Print Options box, choose LocalState or None (if available) radio buttons.
  • Data from ACES may be pre-filled on the letter. The data field boxes can be changed as needed.
  1. Complete the Mandatory Freeform text box and/or Optional Freeform Text box as necessary.
  • Misspelled words are identified with a wavy red line underneath them. To correct them, right-click the misspelled word, then select the correct word from the list.

  1. If attachments are necessary, click the Attachment(s) link.
  • Select the number of copies for each attachment desired in the # Copies field.
  • Click Done.
  1. When all data is entered on the letter, choose one of the following options:
  • Back - Takes the user back to the Create Letter pop up.
  • Print - The letter will either print locally or be sent from State Office depending on which option is chosen in the Print Options box.
  • Save as Draft - The letter will be stored as a draft in pending letters for a period not to exceed 30 days.
  • Cancel - Cancels the letter request.

What attachments are available for inclusion with letters?

The following attachments are available for inclusion with letters. Click on Letter Attachment(s) link to view the attachments in English or other supported languages.




Maximum number of copies


ACES Direct Deposit Enrollment (14-432)



  *** Agency Based Voter Registration (ABVR) (98-007)  



Application for Benefits (14-001)




Authorization for Alternate EBT Cardholder (27-130)




Authorized Representative (14-532)




Client Rights and Responsibilities (14-113)




Consent (14-012)




DSHS Eligibility Review (14-078)




Eligibility Review for Long Term Care Benefits (14-416)




Employment Verification (14-252)




Estate Recovery Fact Sheet (14-454)




HCA (Application for Health Care Coverage) (18-001)




HCA (Health Care Coverage Rights & Responsibilities for Classic Medicaid) (18-011)




HCA (Washington Apple Health Appeal Rights (12-508)




HCA (Washington Apple Health Appeal Form (12-507)




HCA (Washington Apple Health Supplemental Form (18-005)




** HCA (Retroactive Health Care Coverage Request Form (13-952)

  Irrevocable Burial Fund Provision for SSI Related Healthcare (14-540)  



Medical Assistance Only-Election of Support Enforcement Services (09-793)




Medical Coverage Information (14-194)




Mid-Certification review (14-467)




Notice and Finding of Responsibility (14-515)




*Notice of Privacy Practices For Client Confidential Information (03-387)



  Revocable Burial Fund Provision for SSI Related Healthcare (14-539)  



Self-Employment Monthly Sales and Expense Worksheet (07-098)




Statement from Landlord/Manager (14-224)




Statement from School (14-223)




Statement of Collateral Information (14-222)




Statement of Health, Education, and Employment (14-050)




Stop Work (14-438)




TSOA Application and Rights and Responsibilities (18-008)


TSOA Rights and Responsibilities (18-009)


Veteran's Referral Part 1 (14-162)




WASHCAP Application (14-439)




Your DSHS Cash or Food Assistance Benefits (14-520)




Your Options for Child Support Collection while receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Medical Assistance (18-334)



* Not available for selection - one copy is automatically sent

** HCA Form 13-952 can only be attached to LTR 023-11 (HCA Retro Medical Request Letter) or LTR 050-01 (General Correspondence Letter)

*** Not available for selection - one copy is automatically attached to either Form 14-078 (Eligibility Review) or LTR 14-467 (Mid-Certification Review).

NOTE: The Eligibility Review 14-078 is AUTO attached to the following letters in the eight supported languages:
006-01 (Termination for AU).
013-01 (Office Appointment for ER).
013-02 (Telephone Appointment for ER).
013-03 (Weekly Appointment for Eligibility Review).
022-01 (Mail-In ER for Cash, Food, Medical [Non-LTC]) for non-LTC AUs and non-F08 AUs.
022-03 (Food Assistance Expiration).
022-05 (Redetermination for Medical at SSI Termination).
022-09 (Redetermination for Medical [BCCTP]).

How do I include attachment(s) with a letter?

  1. When creating a letter, from the Letter Edit Display pop up, click the Attachment(s) link.
  2. Choose the number of copies from the # Copies drop down field for the attachment(s) desired.
  3. Click Done.

What inserts can be manually added during the letter creation process?

The ability to manually include inserts has been disabled in ACES.online.  Although users can still select the "Insert(s)" link, the following insert types are grayed out so workers cannot make a selection:

  • DSHS 22-922 - Family Planning

  • DSHS 22-422 - Pregnant? Plan For a Healthy Future Summary Sheet

  • DSHS 22-019 Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment

NOTE:  If a letter that requires a postage-paid return envelope is locally printed, the user should manually include the insert.

How do I send a letter in Large Print?

  1. On the ADDR screen in the Prim Lang field enter [LP – Large Print English].
  • Only centrally printed letters coded LP are sent in Large Print.
  • To print a letter locally in Large Print, check with your local office procedure for manually copying the letter in Large Print.

What are the pending letters icons?

Pending letters show the following icons:

  • Letter Draft Draft – can remain in draft status up to 30 days
  • Mail Ready Editable Mail Ready (Editable)
  • Mail Ready (Non-editable) Mail Ready (Non-editable)
  • Deleted Draft Deleted Draft
  • Deleted Mail Ready (Non-editable) Deleted Mail Ready (Non-editable)
  • Mandatory Freeform Text Field Indicator       Mandatory Freeform Text Field Indicator
  • Mandatory Freeform Text Required     Mandatory Freeform Text Required
  • Freeform Text Completed     Freeform Text Completed
  • Reprint (Non-editable) Reprint (Non-editable)

How do I view pending letters and/or letter history?

  1. On the Welcome Back page of ACES.online, use the Quick Navigation section to do the following:
  • In the Select a Type of ID drop down box, click one of the following: Assistance UnitClientGroup HomeUser or Vendor.
  • In the Enter an ID box, enter [an identification number or User ID].
  • In the Select a Page drop down box, select Letters.
  • Click the Go button, the Letter Summary page displays.
  • Letter History displays the print status of the client copy as follows:
  • L/O – If all copies were locally printed.
  • L/O – If client copy was local printed and other copies were selected for State office print.
  • S/O (in Red) – Appears on the day the letter was created if the client copy was selected for State Office print and at least one AREP copy was local printed.
  • S/O – After the client copy of a letter is printed from State Office in batch.

What happens to editable text fields and attachments for a pending letter when an Assistance Unit (AU) is recalculated in overnight batch?

When an AU recalculated in overnight batch, the system rebuilds the original letter with the latest information available. If any text field was edited from the previous day, only the freeform text section and/or attachments are copied and carried over when the letter is replaced. The previously edited text is replaced with the latest information from the system.

EXAMPLE:  On Approval Letter (002-01), the user updates the Begin Date and End Date fields. When the AU is recalculated in overnight batch, the system overrides these date fields based on the information in the system. 

How do I view pending letters for a specific user?

  1. On the Welcome Back page of ACES.online, use the Quick Navigation section to do the following:
  • In the Select a Type of ID drop down box, click User.
  • In the Enter an ID box, enter [User ID].
  • In the Select a Page drop down box, select Letters.
  • Click the Go button, the Letter Summary page displays.
  • Accessing letters by User ID allows the user to view all pending letters that were either system or user generated that day. This action also allows users to view all letters in Save as Draft status.
  • This option shows pending letters that require mandatory text entries.
  • Changes to pending letters can be made throughout the day until batch is run (usually after 8PM), at which time, letters will be printed and mailed from State Office. The letter then moves to Letter History.
NOTE: Clicking on the CLID or AUID hyperlink will give the client's name and information regarding the case.

How do I change my ACES printer ID?

  1. From the Client>>Letter Summary or the Assistance Unit>>Letter Summary page, go to the ACES Printer ID field, and click the <Change Printer> link.
  2. In the Change to field, enter the [printer id].
  3. Click Update Printer to save the change.
NOTE: Changing the printer ID is valid for the duration of your ACES.online session. When your ACES.online session expires the Printer ID setting reverts back to the Printer ID assigned in your security profile. To change your printer ID in your security profile, see EAZ Manual - Security - How is a security request to change user information submitted through ACES.online?

How do I print a pending letter?

  1. From Pending Letters, the box preceding the letter can be checked and the selection buttons; DeleteUndelete or Local Print can be clicked.


  1. Click on the letter name link to open the letter.
  2. The Print Options box defaults to State. To print the letter locally, check Local.
  • If the letter has multiple addressees and one copy has already been printed locally, the Reprint Option displays with a default to None.
  • Choose Local or State to reprint the copy that had already been printed.
  • If Local Print is chosen, the letter prints locally and shows in the Letter History with an icon indicating the item is Mail Ready (Non-editable).
  • If there is an AREP and one copy is chosen for Local print and the other for State print, the locally printed letter displays in the Letter History with an icon indicating the item is Mail Ready (Non-editable) and the State print letter displays in Pending Letters with an icon indicating the item is Mail Ready (Non-editable). A State print letter will go out in the overnight batch process.
  • Once any copy of a letter has been printed locally, the letter is no longer editable.
  • If the client copy was locally printed, the AREP copy can be deleted from Pending Letters, but if the AREP copy was printed locally and the client copy saved for State print, the client copy cannot be deleted from Pending Letters.
  1. Click the Print button.
NOTE: When printing a pending letter locally, the following warning appears: "Local Printing this letter will permanently save all changes to letter history. You will no longer be able to make changes to the letter”. Click 'OK' to print or click 'Cancel' to Cancel. The letter appears in letter history after it is printed.

How do I print an Interactive Interview Declaration (IID)?

Letter 001-02 (Interactive Interview Declaration) or IID can be printed when the client has not completed and signed a pre-printed application form or eligibility review. The IID can be printed locally or centrally and is available for reprinting if needed. It can only be printed if the client is active or pending in a cash, medical or food assistance unit. For more information see, Forms - What forms can be printed from ACES?

Before you print the IID, it is important to be in the correct processing mode in ACES 3G depending on the status of the Assistance Unit (AU):

  • Start Interview: Use this mode to print an IID for a case that has:
    • A pending Assistance Unit (AU) only,
    • Both an active AU and a pending AU, or
    • An AU with a pending Add a Person
  • Start Changes:  Use this mode to print an IID for a case containing active AUs only.

To Print the IID, take the following steps while in ACES 3G: 

  1. From the Eligibility page, in the Interactive Interview Declaration section, select the Yes radio button on the question - Do you need to print an Interactive Interview Declaration?  This displays the Head of Household's name and print options.
  2. Select either the Local Printer or State Printer radio buttons for the head of household in which the IID is required.
  • If the Local Printer radio button is chosen, the letter prints locally to the designated ACES.online printer and shows in the Most Recent Letter History on the Client>>Letter Summary page.
  • If there is an AREP and one copy is chosen for Local print and the other for State print, the locally printed letter displays in the Most Recent Letter History and the State print letter displays in Pending Letters with an icon indicating that both letters are Mail Ready (Non-editable). A State print letter is sent during the overnight batch process.
  • Once any copy of a letter has been printed locally, the letter is no longer editable.
  • If the client copy was locally printed, the AREP copy can be deleted from Pending Letters, but if the AREP copy was printed locally and the client copy saved for State print, the client copy cannot be deleted from Pending Letters.
NOTE: The IID is sent to the following Authorized Representative types ONLY: Representative for Client in Drug/Alcohol Facility (AA), Court Order Guardian (CG), Cash/MA Payee Group Home (GC), Other (NA), Protective Payee (PP), Representative Payee SSI/SSA (RP), Spouse Payee (SP), Payee for TANF (TN), Power of Attorney (PA). 

If you are printing the IID after finalizing a Categorically Eligible (CE) Food AU the system has already determined that a resource check does not need to be performed on this type of AU.  The resource related text blocks will either:

  • Not generate at all, or
  • Will populate with the text, NO ONE

After printing the IID, review it with the client to confirm the data is accurate before asking the client to sign it. See EAZ Manual – WAC 388-406-0010 How do I apply for benefits? 

If you are pending a case for the signed IID and other types of verification, you will need to print the IID and also print a request letter as there is no way to add other requested verification items to the IID. 

NOTE:  A printed IID only displays active or pending client details.  Example: At Eligibility Review it is determined that a member of the AU now has earnings which would cause the AU to close for over income.  If the IID is printed after finalizing the review, the IID will not include any newly entered information from the day the AU was closed.

How do I reprint a letter from Letter History?

To reprint a letter from Letter History, take the following steps:

  1. On the Welcome Back page of ACES.online, use the Quick Navigation section to do the following:
  • In the Select a Type of ID drop down box, click Client or Assistance Unit.
  • In the Enter an ID box, enter [Client ID or AU ID].
  • In the Select a Page drop down box, click Letters.
  • Click the Go button and the Letter Summary page displays.
  • Select the desired letter and click the Reprint button, a pop up Reprint Options box appears.
  • The system defaults to Local Print. To request a State Office reprint, choose the button for State.
  • The system defaults to include carbon copies (cc’s) for any AREPs on the case. Uncheck the Include Carbon Copies (cc’s) box to not reprint the AREP copy.
  • The system defaults to include attachments. Uncheck the Include Attachments box to not include attachments/inserts that had been sent with the original letter.
  • For an English Only copy of a letter for an LEP client, check the English Only box.
  1. Click the Reprint button.


  1. From the Letter Summary page, click on the letter name link to open the letter.
  • In the Reprint Options box for each addressee, check the radio button for LocalState or None. The system defaults to Local.
  • None can be used when there are multiple addressees and a reprint is not needed for all of them.
  • There is a check by Include Attachments if the original letter included attachments. To reprint the letter without the attachments/inserts, uncheck the Include Attachments box.
  1. Click the Print button.

How do I print individual letter attachments?

  1. On the Welcome Back Page of ACES.online under Other Links, click Letters Attachments.
  2. From the Support Central>>Letters Attachments page, select the attachment and language desired.
  3. The attachment opens as a PDF file.
  4. To print, go to File, then Print.


  1. On the Welcome Back page of ACES.online, use the Quick Navigation section to do the following:
  • In the Select a Type of ID drop down box, click one of the following: Assistance Unit, Client, Group Home, User or Vendor.
  • In the Enter an ID box, enter [an identification number or User ID].
  • In the Select a Page drop down box, select Letters.
  • Click the Go button, the Letter Summary page displays.
  1. Click on the Letters Attachments link.
  2. From the Support Central>>Letters Attachments page, select the attachment and language desired.
  3. The attachment opens as a PDF file.
  4. To print, go to File, then Print.
NOTE: Attachments printed this way do not contain the Client ID or Barcode information and these print requests are not posted into Letter History.


See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.