Merge Client IDs

Created on: 
Jan 21 2020

Online Processing

Mainframe Processing

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Who can complete a client ID merge?

Workers with unit type 17, 76, 86, 88 or 99 can complete a client ID merge.

When should I merge client IDs?

Merge client IDs when one client has been assigned more than one CLID.

EXAMPLE: James Smith (CLID 5555555) is known to system, but not currently active on benefits. He applies for benefits as James D. Smith and worker assigns a new client ID (6666666). Since one person now has two client IDs, merge the client IDs following the steps in How do I merge client IDs?

The client with the incorrect client ID must be closed or denied in the months the correct client ID is to be active or pending.

  • If the affected client is the head of household or the only eligible child, the entire AU must be closed or denied.

If the merge has been done incorrectly, see How do I un-merge client IDs?

NOTE: If the client is in the Address Confidentiality Program, see What do I do when a client has been assigned a new identity as part of the ACP?

How do I un-merge client IDs?

To un-merge client IDs for two or more separate clients who were inadvertently merged, a data fix is required. Contact IT Solutions Customer Support at 360-664-4560. 

If the client IDs belong to the same client, and the worker kept the wrong client ID as part of the merge process, a data fix request is not needed. The worker should document in the case regarding the merge.

What happens to benefit history after a client ID has been merged?

Benefit history is not changed when there has been a client ID merge. Each client ID retains its own benefit history.

What happens to remarks/narrative after a client ID has been merged?

The remarks and narrative are not changed or copied over into the corrected client ID when a client ID has been merged. Users will need to manually re-enter any needed documentation into the remarks and narrative for the corrected client ID.

Online Processing

How do I merge client IDs?

To merge client IDs take these steps.

  1.  From the Welcome back page, click the Client Merge link in the Other Links section.
  2. On the Client Merge page update the following fields:
  • Stop using Client ID -  Enter the client ID number that should no longer be used. 
  • Continue using Client ID - Enter the client ID number that should be used for all future processing and ongoing eligibility.
  1. Click the Next button.
  2.  From the Client Merge Details page, review the details for both clients entered.
  3. Click the Merge Client button to confirm.
  4. If more than two client IDs are involved, complete a merge for each set of client IDs.
EXAMPLE:  Client John Q. Public has been assigned CLID 1111111, 5555555 & 6666666.  Since CLID 1111111 is the first CLID, it is presumed that is the correct client ID. First merge 6666666 into CLID 5555555.  Then merge 5555555 into CLID 1111111.
  1. Review the client’s Time Clocks page in Online Case Actions 3G to ensure the counter is correct. If adjustments are needed, update the counter using the Time Clock Adjustments field in the TANF Time Clock page.
NOTE:  Merging client IDs currently does not work in the ACES Training Region.  Users receive edit Client not found when entering the client ID number in either the Stop using Client ID or Continue using Client ID fields .

Where does client merge information display?

In the client merge  information can be found on the Client>>AREN Tracking page. 

  • This can be done by choosing AREN Tracking from the Details drop down menu on the Client >> Summary page.  

In Online Case Actions 3G Client merge information can be found  on the TANF Time Clock page.  

  • This can be done by clicking on Time Clocks in the Navigation tree and then clicking beneath the Client name in the Time Clocks page.
  • For Online Case Actions 3G to display the client merge information the client must be active or pending on an AU.
NOTE: Datafix or split information is not part of the TANF Time Clock page display.

Mainframe Processing

Where does client merge information display?

In Mainframe client merge information displays on the client’s TICS screen .

NOTE: Datafix or split information is not part of the TICS screen.


See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.