Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange (BENDEX)

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Nov 15 2019

Online Processing

Mainframe Processing

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What is the Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange (BENDEX)?

The BENDEX interface provides information about Social Security and Medicare entitlement for applicants and recipients.

This interface analyzes the incoming BENDEX data and compares it to the most current record on the ACES database. When appropriate, it compares against matching ACES case data to determine if the client requires an ACES AUTO update. In some situations the case is auto processed; but, if it cannot be auto processed, the worker is sent an alert.

Note: When information in the BENDEX file contains a client's Social Security Number, name, and date of birth that matches a client already in ACES, this is considered an exact match.

What information is received from the Social Security Administration (SSA) Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange (BENDEX) file?

SSA sends a file with the gross amount that a client receives via BENDEX. Users need to be aware that, at times, a payment reduction is taken from SSA income and the file does not indicate all the reasons for the deduction if one is being taken. Because BENDEX does not indicate the type of deduction, users should ask clients if any deductions are coming out of their check. If the deduction is not excludable, the user may need to code ACES appropriately to have this money counted.

  1. BENDEX displays a client's:
  • Social Security Payments,
  • Medicare Entitlements to include Part A and Part B,
  • Social Security claim numbers,
  • Dual or triple participation status,
  • Date that the information was known to the state as well as payment status codes,
  • Social Security benefits, including Rail Road Retirement benefits, and
  • Citizenship information.

How often are Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange (BENDEX) files received?

The Social Security Administration sends BENDEX files on a daily basis.

Online Processing

How do I access Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange (BENDEX) information in

To access BENDEX information in, take the following steps:

  1. From the Welcome Back page of, in the Quick Navigation section, update the following fields:
  • Select a Type of ID field - Use the drop down menu to select Client.
  • Enter an ID field - Enter the [Client ID]
  • Select a Page field - Use the drop down menu to select Summary.
  • Click Go and the Summary page displays.
  1. On the Summary page, using the Income drop down menu, select BENDEX and the BENDEX page displays.
  • If the client has more than one claim number, click the Claim Number for the BENDEX file you want to view and the client's BENDEX page displays.

How do I access Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange (BENDEX) information in ACES 3G?

To access BENDEX information in ACES 3G, take the following steps:

  1. From the Income Summary page, click the green checkmark in the BENDEX column and the BENDEX page will display in a new window.
  • If the client has more than one claim number the BENDEX History page displays instead. Click the Claim Number for the BENDEX file you want to view and the client's BENDEX page displays.

What information displays on the BENDEX (Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange) page in

For more information on what displays on the BENDEX page, see pages - BENDEX

When does ACES process the Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange (BENDEX) payment information?

When ACES has an exact match with a client, the system AUTO updates the client's information in the following circumstances:

  • When the payment status code is Current Payment Status (CP) (except Railroad payments) and there are unearned income amounts on the BENDEX record for a client who is receiving Social Security Administration (SSA) Benefits.
  • When the client has multiple payment status codes.
  • When the payment status code is one of the following suspended statuses, ACES updates the budgeted amount to zero:
    • S0 - Beneficiary Engaged in Work Outside U.S.
    • S1 - Beneficiary Working in the U.s. & Expects to Earn in Excess of Annual Limit
    • S2 - Auxiliary's Benefits withheld Because of S2 Status
    • S3 - Failure to Have Child in Care
    • S4 - Auxiliary's Benefits withheld to S1 Status
    • S5 - Auxiliary's Benefits withheld Due to S1 Status
    • S6 - Check was Returned - Correct Address being Developed
    • S7 - Disabled Beneficiary Suspended Due to Refusal of Vocational Rehabilitation , Imprisoned, Extended Trial Work Period
    • S8 - Suspended While Payee is Being Determined
    • S9 - Suspended For Reason Not Separately Defined
    • SF - Special Age 72 Fails to Meet Residency Requirements
    • SH - Special Age 72 is Receiving a Government Pension
    • SJ - Alien Suspension
    • SK - Beneficiary has Been Deported
    • SL - Beneficiary Resides in a Country to Which Checks Cannot Be Sent
    • SM - Beneficiary Refused Cash Benefits (Entitled to HI-SMI-Only)
    • SP - Special Age 72 Suspended Due to Receiving Public Assistance
    • SS - Post Secondary Student Summer Suspension
    • SW - Suspended Because of Worker's Compensation
  • When a BENDEX interface indicates that a client is eligible for Medicare Part A and/or Part B, ACES AUTO updates the case for clients with Medicare Part A or Part B participation.
  • When a new income source is identified in BENDEX, ACES AUTO updates the client's income.
  • If a client is receiving SSA benefits and ACES has never received information for the client from the BENDEX file, ACES updates the client's income with the SSA income. A request is then sent to BENDEX to verify the BENDEX SSA benefit amount:
    • If the SSA benefit amount that was supplied through SDX is the same (within $1 +/-) as what is found in BENDEX, then ACES bypasses processing the client's BENDEX record.
    • If the SSA benefit amount is plus or minus more than a dollar than the BENDEX file amount, the client's income is updated with the BENDEX information and Alert 306 - BENDEX INTERFACE - “UNER” UPDATED WITH RSDI CHANGE is generated.
    • All future SSA income is maintained and updated from the BENDEX interface file.

How am I notified if there is a change in Social Security Payments or Medicare Entitlements?

ACES generates various Alerts if there is a change in Social Security Payments, Medicare Entitlements, and discrepancies with a client's name, date of birth, or Social Security Number (SSN). 

  • Alert 253  - SOCIAL SECURITY / SSA DISCREPANCY - SEE 2ND TIER FOR DETAILS generates when there is a discrepancy in the SSN, client name, or client date of birth between the Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange (BENDEX) and ACES.
  • Alert 271 - SOCIAL SECURITY INTERFACE INFORMATION - WORKER ACTION REQUIRED generates in the following situations: 
    • When current the payment status code is S6 - Check was Returned - Correct Address being Developed or S8 - Suspended While Payee is being Determined and the prior payment status code received for the client was not S6 or S8; or,
    • When the payment status code indicates a termination, withdrawal, or other adjustment status including:
      • TA - Terminated Prior to Entitlement
      • TB - Mother, Father Terminated Entitled to Disabled Widow(er)'s Benefits
      • TC - Disabled Widow attained age 62 & Not Entitled as an Aged Widow
      • TJ - Advanced Filed Claim Terminated After Maturity
      • TL - Termination of Post Secondary Student
      • TP - Terminated Because of Change in Type of Benefit
      • T- - Converted from Disability Benefits to Retirement at age 65
      • T0 - Benefits are Payable by some other Agency
      • T1 - Terminated Due to Death
      • T2 - Auxiliary Terminated Due to Death
      • T3 - Terminate Due to Divorce, Marriage or Remarriage
      • T4 - Child Attained age 18 or 22 and not Disabled Mother or Father  Terminated because last Child at 18
      • T5 - Beneficiary Entitled to other Benefits equal or larger
      • T6 - Child is no longer a student or disabled, last entitled child died or married
      • T7 - Child beneficiary was adopted
      • T8 - Beneficiary no longer disabled, last disabled child no longer disabled
      • T9 - Terminated for reason not separately defined
      • U - Entitled only to HI or SMI
  • Alert 306 - BENDEX INTERFACE - “UNER” UPDATED WITH RSDI CHANGE generates when a client has no unearned income displayed in ACES, the monthly net benefit amount on the BENDEX file is greater than zero and the payment status code on BENDEX is Current Pay Status (CP). Or, when a client has Social Security Administration (SSA) income budgeted and the amount is more than a dollar different than the BENDEX file.
  • Alert 310 - SECOND SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT UPDATED BY BENDEX generates when the BENDEX interface updates or adds an SSA benefit to a client’s case.
  • ACES generates Alert 271 - SOCIAL SECURITY INFORMATION - WORKER ACTION REQUIRED in the following situations:

Alerts for Take Charge Family Planning Service (P06) clients are not generated to the worker of record if the client is active in another Assistance Unit.

What do I do after I disposition Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange (BENDEX) alerts?

When a BENDEX alert has been dispositioned, request a BENDEX re-accretion following the steps in Mainframe Processing - How do I request a BENDEX re-accretion?.

How do I request a Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange (BENDEX) re-accretion?

This function allows users to request that a client be added to the BENDEX interface so that ACES will begin receiving BENDEX data electronically for that client.

This is a Mainframe only function; please see Mainframe Processing - How do I request a BENDEX re-accretion?.

Mainframe Processing​

How do I request a Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange (BENDEX) re-accretion?

This function allows users to request that a client be added to the BENDEX interface so that ACES will begin receiving BENDEX data electronically for that client.

To request another BENDEX interface file re-accretion, take the following steps:

  1. From the OMEN screen, update the following fields:
  • Selection field - Enter G - Request SSA DATA/BENDEX Reaccretion
  • Client ID field - Enter the [Client ID].
Data is then forwarded to BENDEX for three months. It is not sent again unless there is another re-accrete request.
See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.