Quality Assurance Criteria and Food Regular Sample Activities

Created on: 
Jan 21 2020

Mainframe Processing

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What is a Quality Assurance food regular sample selection?

This is federally funded Supplemental Nutrition Act Program (SNAP) Assistance Unit data collected from ACES issuances to create a report used by Program Integrity to draw monthly sample reports for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food & Nutrition Service (FNS) auditing purposes.

How is a food regular Quality Assurance/Quality Control sample report generated?

ACES generates a food regular Quality Assurance/Quality Control sample on the last day of the business month.

The sample report consists of a single review month for all Community Service Offices (CSOs).

Once posted these reports can be found in Cypress.

How are primary positive and secondary positive actions collected?

Sample data is collected daily using a batch process developed to capture daily, monthly and emergency issuances. They then are loaded into the Quality Assurance/Quality Control database.

What types of regular food samples are selected?

There are two types of regular food samples that are selected:

  • Food Hybrid Positive Universe Samples.
    • Hybrid Positive Universe Samples contain all federally funded Basic Food Assistance benefits issued within the benefit month that pertains to monthly issuance processing.
    • These samples include a Prisoner Verification System (PVS) match on every client who:
      • Is 18 years or older,
      • Has a primary Social Security Number (SSN), and
      • Was active on the Basic Food Assistance Unit (AU) AND the AU is included in the Positive Universe Sample.
  • Food Negative Universe Samples.
    • Federally Funded Basic Food Assistance applications denied, suspended, zero benefit issuances or withdrawn by the client.
    • Basic Food Assistance in the ongoing month where the Assistance Unit (AU) closed in the previous month, with an effective date of the following month.
    • New application denials when state funded food assistance is approved instead of federally funded benefits; and
    • Active termination when a federally funded food AU remains active but data changes caused it to issue state funded benefits.

How are food regular samples selected?

For the food regular samples that are selected, ACES checks the following:

  • The regular universe.
  • The duplication rules.
  • The regular universe sort rules.
  • Then checks the regular universe control data (starting point and interval quantity) against the universe data that has been collected on a daily basis over the past seven weeks.
  • The data is stored with the appropriate Quality Assurance/Quality Control review month that it pertains to.

Mainframe Processing

NOTE: Currently Option [B] - QC Sample ID Detail Inquiry and Option [C] - QC Sample ID Detail Update on the KMEN screen are accessed using function keys thru Option [A] - QC Sample ID Selection List on the KMEN screen.

How is a Quality Assurance (QA) food regular sample selection modified?

To modify the QA food regular sample selection, take the following steps:

  1. From the WMEN screen, select Option [K] - QA/QC and <TRANSMIT>.
  2. On the KMEN screen, enter Option [A] - QC Sample ID Selection List in the Selection field.
  3. On the QCSL screen, enter [Y] - Yes in the S field to view a list of sample ID data contained in the QA/QC database.
Note: The QCSD screen can be accessed from the QCSL screen by entering <Shift> + <F1>. The QCSD screen displays a detailed view of the sample ID data in either INQUIRY or UPDATE access mode. If the control data needs to be modified for a food regular request, the QCSD screen should be used between month-end and the 5th business day of the following month. The SAMPLE DRAW CONTROLS section is protected on the QCSD screen with the exception of the following fields that can be modified if needed: Sample Starting PointSample Interval Quantity and Starting Review Number.
  • If the food regular Sample ID already displays on the QCSL list, then edit it using <F13>.
Note: If an attempt is made to create the next food regular Sample ID and it already exists, then Edit 0387 - THIS UPDATE IS ALREADY ON THE DATABASE appears.
  • The Typ Cd field on the QCSL screen reflects the type of food regular sample selected and a report is generated in batch on the last day of the review month.
    • G - Food Regular Negative.
    • H - Food Regular Positive Hybrid (Primary & Secondary)
Note: The food regular sample request automatically carries forward at month-end.
  1. On the QCSL screen, enter <F14> to access the QCSD Rglr New screen (manual regular food control data carryover process). This functionality is used if QA staff wish to manually create a food regular sample earlier than when the system automatically does it at month end. Users can save the sample which then tells the system not to create another one at month end or they can <F3> cancel the manually created sample and the system then creates the regular food sample at month end as usual.
  2. On the QCSD screen:
  • <TRANSMIT> to accept the FOOD REGULAR POSITIVE HYBRID (PRI+SEC) control data that appears on Page 1 or <F3> to cancel the manual control data carryover process.
  • <TRANSMIT> to accept the FOOD REGULAR NEGATIVE control data that appears on Page 2 and return to the QCSL screen.
  1. A food regular sample report is generated by ACES on the last day of the report month during overnight batch.

How can a food regular sample draw request be voided or canceled?

To void or cancel a sample draw request, take the following steps:

  1. On the QCSL screen, enter a [Y] - Yes in the S field to view a list of sample ID data that is contained in the QA/QC database.
  2. Enter <F13> to access the QCSD screen.
  • If the user does not have updated security access to the QCSD screen, then the QCSD screen automatically displays in inquiry mode.
  1. On the QCSD screen, enter a [Y] - Yes in the Void/Cancel the Sample Draw Request? field.
  2. <TRANSMIT> to update and return to the QCSL screen or <F3> to cancel.


See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.