ACES Reports

Created on: 
Oct 29 2015

How do I access and view ACES reports?

ACES Reports are accessible through Cypress at

If you have the URL to this website but do not have the security access, you will get the message, "Cannot find any document matching your criteria." To request Cypress access:

  • Contact your local IT if you are an Economic Services Administration (ESA) employee.
  • Contact Customer Support at 360-664-4560, Option 2 if you are outside of ESA.

When you are in the Cypress website, click on the Help Searching link for additional help information.

When are ACES reports generated?

ACES generates most reports on a scheduled basis.  Reports are run during overnight batch processing as part of the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual generation process:

  • The scheduling of reports reflects the business schedule of DSHS.
  • Reports are automatically generated and require no action by the user.
  • Reports are sent to offices in bundles or individually.