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WACs 388-02-0020 & 388-02-0085

The department is considering amending WAC 388-02-0020, “What does good cause mean?”, 388-02-0085, “Do you have a right to a hearing?”, and other related rules as may be required to incorporate “good cause” provisions of RCW 74.08.080(2)(a) into the general hearing rules of the Board of Appeals at the Department of Social and Health Services. During this rulemaking, the department may make additional changes that are necessary to improve clarity.

Marc Lampson (360) 664-6062 WSR 23-24-017

Chapter 388-01 WAC

The Chapter 388-01 WAC DSHS organization/disclosure of public records and other related rules as appropriate.

Natasha House (360) 902-7649 WSR 22-14-033