About Us


As a Department we are tied together by a single mission: to transform lives. Each administration within DSHS has a refined focus on this mission. Individually we have the following missions:
Aging and Long-term Support Administration – to transform lives by promoting choice, independence and safety through innovative services.
Behavioral Health Administration – to transform lives by supporting sustainable recovery, independence and wellness.
Developmental Disabilities Administration – to transform lives by creating partnerships that empower people.
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation – to transform lives by assisting individuals with disabilities to fully participate in their communities through meaningful employment.
Economic Services Administration – to transform lives by empowering individuals and families to thrive.
Financial Services Administration – to transform lives by promoting sound management of Department resources.
Office of the Secretary – to transform lives by helping those who serve succeed.


DSHS is also tied together by the following set of values:
Honesty and Integrity – because leadership and service require a clear moral compass.
Pursuit of Excellence – because it is not enough to get the job done, we must always challenge ourselves to do it better.
Open Communication – because excellence requires teamwork and a strong team is seen, heard and feels free to contribute.
Diversity and Inclusion – because only by including all perspectives are we at our best and only through cultural competency can we optimally serve our clients.
Commitment to Service – because our challenges will always exceed our financial resources, our commitment to service must see us through.


  • People are healthy,
  • People are safe,
  • People are supported,