Division of Vocational Rehabilitation



DVR plans next release from waitlist in April 2022

Priority category 3 will remain closed, but DVR will release 100 names from the Priority category 3 waitlist on April 1.

Priority categories 1 (individuals with most significant disabilities) and 2 (individuals with significant disabilities) are open continuously (no waiting).

Services are initiated to individuals on the waiting list for services based on the date they applied for services with DVR.

When DVR does not have adequate financial resources or staff capacity to serve all eligible individuals, it must establish a waiting list for services. Waiting list rules are established by the federal Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) under a provision called “Order of Selection for Services” (34 CFR 361.36). These rules require that DVR serve individuals with most significant disabilities as a priority.

DVR reevaluates its service delivery capacity regularly to ensure it continues serving the greatest number of eligible individuals possible in the most effective manner.

While DVR remains under Order of Selection, individuals determined eligible in Priority category 1 and Priority category 2 continue to receive services.

Priority category 1

Open continuously (no waiting)​

Priority category 2

Open continuously (no waiting)

Priority category 3

Serving cases with application date of February 2020, or earlier

Priority category 4


Priority category 5


*Please visit the DVR website regularly to keep informed of the Priority category 3 status. Updates will be posted at the beginning of each month.*





Transforming lives by assisting individuals with disabilities to fully participate in their communities through meaningful employment.


Dedicated professionals leading the field of vocational rehabilitation, delivering exceptional experiences to every customer, every time.


  • Transparency through clear, honest communication with customers, staff, and partners
  • Acting with Integrity, upholding the ethics and values of our profession
  • Promoting a culture of Empowerment for customers and staff
  • Advancing rehabilitation practices through Innovation
  • Collaboration with customers, staff, and partners that produces results
  • Commitment to Equity, Diversity, Access and Inclusion in all its forms to achieve excellence

DVR believes everyone should have the opportunity to pursue meaningful work, and that employment further improves a person’s ability to live independently, make informed choices, and contribute to one’s community. DVR provides people with disabilities the tools, supports, and services required to achieve successful employment, which hopefully results in a greater quality of life for people. With offices located throughout Washington State, DVR has been a community partner for more than 80 years.

 Services We Provide

  • We provide individualized vocational rehabilitation counseling and employment services and supports to people with disabilities who want to work but face substantial barriers in finding meaningful and sustained employment.
  • We provide technical assistance and training to businesses regarding the recruiting and hiring of people with disabilities.


DVR stands as an anti-racist organization.