How Veteran Directed Home Services Works

Eligibility Determination

VA Puget Sound Health Care System (VA PSHCS) determines whether or not a Veteran meets the eligibility requirements for Veteran Directed Home Services (VDHS) based on medical and functional criteria established by the VA.  Once VDHS eligibility is determined; the VDHS liaison at VA PSHCS refers the Veteran to the Area Agency on Aging responsible for the geographic area in which they live to receive an assessment and Care Consultation.

An interested Veteran or an Area Agency on Aging staff person working with a Veteran interested in participating in VDHS must contact Ann Determan, the VDHS Liaison at VA PSHCS.

Care Consultation

A Care Consultant at the AAA enrolls the Participant in VDHS and provides support in the following ways:

  • Provides education and coaching to the  Participant on how Participant Directed Services works
  • Orients and coaches the Participant on managing their own budget
  • Conducts initial, annual and significant change assessments
  • Assists the Participant to create a Spending Plan that includes strategies and services to meet needs identified in the assessment
  • Assists the Participant with identifying a personal care assistant if that is a service identified in the Spending Plan
  • Coordinates services with VA Puget Sound Health Care System
  • Is available to the Participant on a regular basis throughout the service year to address issues and amend the Spending Plan as needed
  • Communicates with the FMS as needed

Financial Management Services

Once the Spending Plan is completed the Care Consultant refers the Participant the Financial Management Service (FMS) who will assist them to implement the Plan.  FMS tasks include:

  • Providing information to the Participant about their budget, balances, etc.
  • Setting up an individual participant accounting record
  • Contracting with providers for all services
  • Authorizing individual provider (IP) services using Washington’ s Social Service Payment System
  • Paying for all participant services and goods
  • Providing quarterly budget report to the Participant