Medicaid Coverage

Financial Eligibility

If you receive certain services from the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), such as those provided under a waiver, Medicaid Personal Care (MPC) or Community First Choice (CFC), you are required to have coverage on a corresponding medical program (Medicaid). 

For MPC or CFC services, if you are not receiving SSI or Medicare and are under age 65, you need to apply for an Apple Health Medicaid program through the Health Benefit Exchange: .  Go to the healthplanfinder to apply: .  For questions about Apple Health eligibility or the healthplanfinder, call 1-855-923-4633.

If you fall under one or more of these categories, you can apply for ‘ABD’ coverage through DSHS:

  • A- Age 65 or older
  • B- Blind
  • D- Disabled (eligible for or receiving SSI and/or Social Security disability benefits)

If your DDA Case Resource Manager has determined that you are functionally eligible for waiver services or need institutional care, you may need to apply for long-term care (LTC) medical coverage through DSHS. 

Your DDA Case Resource Manager will let you know about required Medicaid coverage. 

For coverage through DSHS, you can apply online via WashingtonConnection:

Or print a paper application, which can be faxed or mailed:

DSHS has a team of DDA financial workers who determine and maintain financial eligibility for Medicaid, food assistance and other benefits. To reach a DDA Financial Team member, call 1-855-873-0642.

If you need to fax or mail an application, review or other eligibility documentation, include your client ID or name and birthday on each page.

Fax to 1-855-635-8305

Or mail to:

DSHS LTC Specialty Unit
PO Box 45826
Olympia, WA 98504