Quality Assurance

The goal of quality assurance is to advance the values of Health and Safety, Power and Choice, Status, Integration, Relationships, and Competence in the lives of people with developmental disabilities. The division will accomplish this by:

  • Communicating with people we support and their families, advocates, providers, legislators and others.
  • Using quality, outcome-based strategic planning.
  • Making decisions which use client satisfaction, incident information, fiscal and other data.
  • Working with those we support, their families and providers, to reduce the rate of serious incidents.
  • Monitoring provider compliance with agreed upon standards.
  • Providing training to people we support, their families and providers.
  • Engaging in continuous quality improvement.

In order to assure that quality services are sought, provided, paid for and continually improved, specific QA outcomes must be achieved for participants and their families by DDA in cooperation with the counties and the contractors/providers.

Find care giver alerts and other health and safety tips from the Office of Quality Assurance under "Flyers" on the Publications page.

For more information about the Office of Quality Assurance and Self-Directed Services, contact Mark Eliason at 360-407-1525 or by email at mark.eliason@dshs.wa.gov