Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Developmental Disabilities Administration is committed to treating each other and those we

support with respect and dignity. We are driven by our mission to transform lives and the values of honesty and integrity; open communication; pursuit of excellence; equity, diversity, and inclusion; and commitment to service.

How does DDA advance equity, diversity, and inclusion? DDA is committed to engaging in every possible approach to eliminating racism and all other forms of prejudice and bias in our minds, hearts, and workplaces, as well as the communities we serve. We commit to authentic engagement with historically marginalized social membership groups to better understand how our systems and structures may create the barriers we seek to eliminate. DDA promotes a culture of belonging that is responsive to issues that may create barriers to a diverse and inclusive working environment. We ensure all voices are heard and all opinions are respected. When injustice does occur, swift action is taken, and appropriate resolution is sought.

DDA is committed to delivering services and supports that preserve cultural values and promote the welfare of all people. By addressing systemic bias and inequities, we can better empower individuals and families to thrive.



To contact the EDI team: dda_edi@dshs.wa.gov