Becoming a Paid In-Home Caregiver - Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact Consumer Direct Washington (CDWA) to see if you are qualified to be on the Registry. This is where IPs are matched with Medicaid clients. They will also assist you with contracting, background checks, and training.

What if a client who is receiving in-home care wants me to be his or her IP?

The client can call his or her case manager and request you as his or her IP. That will start the process of finding out if you are or can be qualified.

Who should be called if the person I want to work for needs to apply for Medicaid in-home services or he or she can’t remember the name of his or her case manager?

The applicant should call and talk with someone in Intake. If he or she already has a case manager but can’t remember their name, the client can ask for that information:

  • Region 1 Spokane: 800 459-0421 (all 509 area codes
  • Region 2 Seattle: 800 346-9257 (all 206 and 425 area codes)
  • Region 3 Tacoma 800 422-5129 (253 and most 360 area codes)

More Information

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