Dan Thompson Account

What is the Dan Thompson Account?

The Washington State legislature established the Dan Thompson Developmental Disabilities Community Services Account in RCW 71A.20.170. State grants are made to community organizations providing “supports and services in a community setting to benefit eligible individuals with developmental disabilities. Expenditures from the account must supplement (not replace, supplant, or reduce) current state expenditure levels” or duplicate Medicaid HCBS waivers. .

Who can Participate?

Washington State organizations can apply for grants during open solicitation periods. Grant solicitation information like Solicitation Instructions, Funding Guidance, and Application Forms will be listed here during an open application period. 

When is the third round?

The funding for the third round comes from the 2025 – 2027 biennium that starts July 1, 2025. The state legislature must give DSHS the authority and an appropriation for the funding for DDA to run the grant solicitation. That would happen in the budget bill that is typically passed at the end of the legislative session in April or May of 2025. Check back to this web page to get the latest news. 

What is happening with the second round?  

The application period ended January 19th, 2024. Our team has reviewed and scored the application materials. We are in the final assessment stage of the highest scoring applications and are currently consulting with DDA subject matter experts to ensure eligibility. Our goal is to make award announcements late April into early May. We appreciate your continued patience as we work through the process to ensure a fair and transparent solicitation. . Following this step, applicants will be notified regarding the status of their applications.. The timeline is below. 

Where did the first-round Awards go?

Projects have been awarded in the counties highlighted in the state map below. 

Note that several projects impact multiple counties but only the lead county is listed in the map. There are quite a few statewide projects but only the county where the administrative headquarters is located is listed in the map. 


The Project Directory is a list of the awards, organizations, and summaries from Round 1..

Who can I contact?

Questions on the program or the projects can be directed to the Dan Thompson Logistics Coordinators at danthompsonaccount@dshs.wa.gov.