Medicare Reimbursement Program

Medicare Reimbursement Program provides additional benefits to DSHS clients, both by providing additional money and health coverage to DDA RHCs, state psychiatric hospitals and DDA community clients. The program also offsets Medicaid expenditures for clients in these settings. The Medicare Reimbursement Program encompasses the Medicare Part D program and the Disabled Adult Child benefits program.  The Medicare Part D Program collects $8 million to $9 million in annual revenue to offset institutional and Medicaid costs from both DDA and Behavioral Health Administration facilities.

The Disabled Adult Child Program leads a statewide effort to identify and coordinate applications, Railroad, Federal Retirement, Veterans Administration and Medicare benefits from parental benefit claims on behalf of clients.  Program staff work closely with guardians, payees, DDA field services administrators, and DDA case managers to apply for benefits and review DSHS Automated Client Eligibility System to ensure the benefits are correctly applied to the client’s case eligibility when approved.