How to Participate

Learn how you can take part in DSHS rule development

Participate in the development of rules

Often, DSHS uses work groups, focus groups, public meetings, and ad hoc committees to help develop rules and determine cost impacts. If you would like to participate, contact the DSHS Rules Coordinator.

Put your name on a notification list

If you wish to receive copies of proposed rule changes or interpretive and policy statements via e-mail, visit our Electronic Notification page or contact the DSHS Rules Coordinator. Be sure to specify the subjects that interest you (such as income assistance and other benefit related matters, nursing home regulations, developmental disabilities administration, or interpretive and policy statements).

Attend a hearing

You may testify (comment orally) at a hearing. Hearings are held virtually at Office Building 2 (OB-2) in Olympia, WA.
You may give us written comments. Writing a letter is just as effective as testifying at the hearing. You may also just attend and listen. (Hearing date information.)

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, contact:

Rules and Policies Assistance Unit
PO Box 45850
Olympia, WA 98504-5850

DSHS Rules Coordinator
(360) 664-6097
FAX: (360) 664-6185