Sign Language Interpreter Contracts and Resources

What we do:

  • Promote language equity within government services and provide education and solutions to remove language and communication barriers.

  • Partner with the Department of Enterprise Services to implement and monitor contracts for statewide sign language interpreter services. These contracts help meet the needs of our community members who use ASL.

  • Provide training on using the statewide contracts for Washington State government employees who provide communication access through Sign Language Interpreter services.

  • Partner with the Health Care Authority to remove communication barriers to health care for Apple Health consumers. 

  • Offer information on interpreter referrals for non-government businesses to provide language access.

  • Work with the Administrative Office of the Courts to provide information on Sign Language Interpreters' credentials for qualification to work in Washington State Courts as highlighted under WAC 388.818.600
  • Collect data on filled and unfilled appointments.

We also:​

  • Set up trainings for Sign Language Interpreters.

  • Offer credentials to Qualified Deaf Interpreters who are not yet certified.

  • Coordinate American Sign Language Proficiency Interviews (ASLPI testing) with Gallaudet University for State employees to qualify for dual language pay.

How to request an Interpreter

  1. First set up your account, wait for approval status and instructions to arrive via email. This generally takes less than 1 business day. 

    • You will need to have a Contract Usage Agreement. Click here to search for your organization's CUA or to set one up.

  2. Fill out the correct online Sign Language Interpreter Request Form. We have two forms. One is for general requests and one is for healthcare appointments covered by Apple Health/Medicaid insurance. Include as much information as possible. Do not leave fields blank.

  3. Save in your email program. All correspondence comes from this email address.

    • The Contractor (Interpreter or Agency) involved with your request will be CC'd on all correspondence.

  4. Payment for Sign Language Interpreter services are paid by your organization or department.

Ready to make a request?

Click here for General Request

Click here for  Request Covered by Apple Health


For any further inquiry for assistance, please email us at