Many services provided to DVR customers are purchased through contracts. DVR contracts with a variety of vendors for many types of services. The two largest client service contracts DVR uses are the DVR Job Services contract and the Independent Living Services contract. For information on those and other DVR contracts and resources, please read below.

American Sign Language - ASL Interpreters

Contractors who serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population can use the DSHS Sign Language Interpreter contract to purchase sign language interpreter services.

When contacting a referral agency or freelance interpreter to schedule ASL interpreter(s), you must notify them you are using the DSHS contract.

All information is available on the Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing's Contractors Providing Sign Language Interpreter Services website.

Background Checks

DVR requires background checks on all employees who may have unsupervised access to DVR customers.

Centers for Independent Living - CIL

The Centers for Independent Living (CIL) Services contract provides an array of independent living services for DVR customers who may be experiencing IL related issues that create barriers to achieving competitive employment. CILS are consumer controlled, community-based, cross-disability, nonresidential private nonprofit agencies that are designed and operated within a local community by individuals with disabilities.

Community Rehabilitation Programs - CRPs

The CRP/IL Job Services contract is entered into with CRPs and IL providers. These programs provide a variety of services to help DVR customers obtain and, if needed, maintain competitive employment.

  • Independent Living (IL) Providers

​​Independent Living contracts are now combined into the CRP/IL Contract. Providers of this service assist DVR Customers to address IL related issues that create barriers to achieving competitive employment.

  • Washington State DVR CRP Training

Thirteen courses developed for DVR by the WISE Learning Center of the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment are directed as core training for CRPs. These courses are available on the DVR Supported Employment Training page. Training is not required for Contractors who only provide Independent Living (IL) services.

  • The following CRP Staff are required to take the training:
  • The Contractor’s current direct client service providers and program staff shall complete all 13 modules within 12 months of the contract start date; and
  • Newly hired employees are required to complete all 13 modules within 90 days of the employee’s hire date.​
  • The agency is responsible for verifying their employee has completed the required training. If you have technical difficulties and need assistance with this training site, please contact your IT Helpdesk. 

For questions regarding contracting with DVR, please contact the Contract Unit at DVR Contracts Unit or 360-725-3652.