Maintenance and Operations Division

The Maintenance and Operations Division (MOD) provides support services to the Department of Social and Health Services’ residential facilities and hospitals. The primary purpose of the Division is to provide a physical environment conducive to the care and treatment of the residents living at these facilities.

The Division consists of 400 staff located at nine locations across the state. The trades staff repairs, renews and replaces installed building equipment, site infrastructure, and campus utility systems. The Operations staff maintains the grounds and vehicle fleets at the facilities and provides laundry, transportation, steam generation and water and sewer treatment services. Headquarters staff provide support/guidance to Building Maintenance and Facility Services staff from OB-2 in Olympia.

We are responsible for maintenance and operations for:

  • Western State Hospital (Lakewood)
  • Child Study & Treatment Center (Lakewood)
  • Eastern State Hospital (Medical Lake)
  • Special Commitment Center (McNeil Island)
  • Secure Community Transition Facility (Seattle)
  • Maple Lane School (Rochester)
  • Fircrest Residential Habilitation Center (Shoreline)
  • Rainier School (Buckley)
  • Lakeland Village  (Medical Lake)
  • Yakima Valley School (Selah)

How we work

We always look for ways to be proactive, such as:

  • Monitoring the operation of equipment critical to state facilities to avoid damage or loss.
  • Seeking funding to repair facilities.
  • Coordinating with programs and vendors on small improvement and repair projects 
  • Providing engineering and technical support to field maintenance technicians to achieve real solutions rather than just patching problems
  • Raising the bar on improved customer service.
  • Reaching out to facilities to help them with improvements that will reduce energy and water use.

Innovation and technology

The best organizations know they must keep evolving, adapting, and growing. Our teams constantly look for innovative ways to provide a quality physical environment to the residents living at our facilities.

Since our inception in 2011, we have evolved from using paper and pencils to a computerized software system that logs all work requests, preventive maintenance, work orders and trade labor hours. The labor hours tracking system has allowed the organization to add an additional 54 staff members over the last three years in order to provide better services to our residents.

We use the data to track detailed activity history on performance measures and equipment life cycle; to create dashboard storyboards; to enhance customer satisfaction; and to promote quality assurance.

We are committed to providing consistent data collection to support the expenditure of resources, historical trends, service delivery, records management, operational efficiencies and performance metrics.

Integrating safety into all we do

  • Safety begins with communicating with staff to:
  • Take the extra minutes needed to put their safety first.
  • Follow shop safety procedures and guidelines.
  • Regularly assess safety knowledge
  • Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment

We work closely with DSHS’ safety programs to:

  • Train employees and provide guidelines for fall protection, asbestos awareness, working in confined spaces and disabling machinery or equipment.
  • Comply with national, state, and local safety laws and requirements.
  • Partner with the DSHS Enterprise Risk Management Office and other agency/administration safety programs.

What our customers say

We serve both the residents of our institutions and DSHS staff who carry out the mission of the department. We like to hear from you about how we’re doing. When we don’t get it right, we take your feedback and act on it. You help us to improve. When we do get it right, we share your feedback, such as:

  • “Great job responding to the work order for the ceiling tiles.” X-Ray Department
  •  “I strongly believe Western State Hospital is extremely fortunate to have MOD staff on campus. Thank you all for everything you do each and every day here at Western!”
  • Quick, responsive, friendly, hardworking and completed work!”
  • “Same day service – Great Job!”
  • “Efficient, professional, a job well done.  Thanks!”
  • “They are always willing to help us meet our needs the best way they can help.”
  • “Very quick response to important patient safety issue! Thanks for a job well done!!”