Duty Station

This page provides updated information for DSHS employees about the operational status of offices and facilities during inclement weather events and other emergencies. The page is maintained by representatives from each administration. DSHS programs co-located in the same building follow the operational decisions of the administration with the largest programmatic footprint to ensure a consistent response for all employees at the worksite. This may involve delayed opening times due to inclement weather events and/ or other messaging related to closures due to extended power outages, flooding, etc… Please refer to Administrative Policy 9.16 Emergency Closures, Delayed Openings, and Suspension of Operations for more information. This policy also identifies the requirements and general process for suspension of operations for any DSHS mission essential function.

For guidance regarding employees taking leave, refer to DSHS Administrative Policy 18.31 Holidays and Leave. Please contact DSHS Emergency Management Services if you have feedback to share about this page.

The DSHS Employee Emergency Information Line (1-866-374-7367) is another resource for employees to stay informed of their duty station.


Offices and facilities that are closed or have a modified operational status will show at the top of the list followed by locations that have normal operations. The icons below indicate the following:

A green dot indicates the office is open/ normal operations.

A yellow triangle means the office is operating under modified conditions.

A red diamond means the office is closed or not operational.


As of July 24, 11:59 pm
Campus Comment Updated
Status YellowWhite Salmon - Main Street, CSO 20CSO is closed to the public. Office is open to staff. Face Masks are recommended for entry. CSO Full services available by phone through the Customer Service Contact Center, 877-501-2233.July 25, 05:41 pm
Status GreenAberdeen - Wishkah Street, CSO 14
Status GreenArlington - Smokey Point, ALTSA
Status GreenArlington - Smokey Point, CSO 65
Status GreenArlington - Smokey Point, DVR
Status GreenAuburn - 28th Street, CSO 72
Status GreenBellevue - Crossroads Mall, CSO 40
Status GreenBellingham - Meridian Street, CSO 37
Status GreenBellingham - Prospect
Status GreenBellingham - Rimland Drive
Status GreenBremerton - Auto Center Boulevard, CSO 18
Status GreenBremerton - Warren Ave
Status GreenBremerton - Wheaton Way
Status GreenBuckley - Rainier School
Status GreenBurien - 1043 SW 152nd St
Status GreenCentralia - Centralia College Blvd
Status GreenCentralia - Galvin Road
Status GreenCentralia - Maple Lane Administration
Status GreenCentralia - Maple Lane Cascade Cottage
Status GreenCentralia - Maple Lane Gym
Status GreenCentralia - Maple Lane Oak Cottage
Status GreenCentralia - Maple Lane Vocational Workshops
Status GreenChehalis - Hampe Way, CSO 21
Status GreenClarkston - 5th Street, CSO 2
Status GreenColfax - Main Street, CSO 38
Status GreenColville - 1100 South Main Street, CSO 33
Status GreenColville - 956 South Main Street
Status GreenEllensburg - West University Way, CSO 19
Status GreenEverett - Broadway, CSO 31
Status GreenEverett - Smith Avenue
Status GreenFederal Way - 348th Street, CSO 45
Status GreenFederal Way - Weyerhaeuser Way SouthJuly 23, 08:23 am
Status GreenGig Harbor - 17526 SR 302 NW
Status GreenGoldendale - Columbus Avenue, CSO 62
Status GreenKelso - Vine Street, CSO 8
Status GreenKennewick - Crosswind Boulevard, CSO 3
Status GreenKennewick - Morain Street
Status GreenKennewick - West Okanogan Place
Status GreenKent - 72nd Avenue
Status GreenKent - Meeker Street, CSO 43
Status GreenLacey - 7th Avenue
Status GreenLacey - Blake Office Park East
Status GreenLacey - Blake Office Park West
Status GreenLacey - College Street
Status GreenLakewood - CSTC
Status GreenLakewood - FSCRP
Status GreenLakewood - Intensive Habilitation Services for Children
Status GreenLakewood - Lakewood Drive
Status GreenLakewood - Main Street, CSO 131
Status GreenLakewood - SOLA Children's West
Status GreenLakewood - Western State
Status GreenLong Beach - Pacific Avenue, CSO 71
Status GreenLynnwood - 44th Avenue
Status GreenLynnwood - 52nd Avenue, CSO 52
Status GreenMedical Lake - Eastern State
Status GreenMedical Lake - Lakeland Village
Status GreenMedical Lake - Pine Lodge Administration - A
Status GreenMedical Lake - Pine Lodge Medical Building - M
Status GreenMonroe - Stevens Pass Highway, CSO 68
Status GreenMoses Lake - 5th Avenue
Status GreenMoses Lake - Pilgrim Street, CSO 13
Status GreenMount Vernon - College Way, CSO 29
Status GreenMount Vernon - East College Way, DVR
Status GreenNewport - 1st Street, CSO 26
Status GreenOak Harbor - Pioneer Way, CSO 15
Status GreenOlympia - OB-2 (Human Services Building)
Status GreenOlympia - Pear Street
Status GreenOlympia - Quince Street
Status GreenOmak - Main Street, CSO 24
Status GreenPort Angeles - 1st Street HCS
Status GreenPort Angeles - 1st Street, CSO 5
Status GreenPort Townsend - Evans Vista, CSO 16
Status GreenPullman - NE Eastgate Blvd
Status GreenPuyallup - 1402 E Main
Status GreenRedmond - 178th Place NE
Status GreenRenton - 7th Street, CSO 80
Status GreenRenton - Powell Avenue
Status GreenRepublic - Delaware Avenue, CSO 10
Status GreenSeaTac - International Boulevard
Status GreenSeattle - 100 West Harrison Street
Status GreenSeattle - 12th Avenue South
Status GreenSeattle - 2106 2nd Avenue, CSO 47
Status GreenSeattle - 30th Avenue
Status GreenSeattle - 500 1st Avenue
Status GreenSeattle - 9650 15th Avenue, CSO 44
Status GreenSeattle - Airport Way
Status GreenSeattle - Cherry Street, CSO 46
Status GreenSeattle - College Way, CSO 42
Status GreenSeattle - Graham Street, CSO 41
Status GreenSeattle - Spokane Street
Status GreenSelah - Yakima Valley School
Status GreenShelton - Olympic Highway, CSO 23
Status GreenShoreline - Fircrest
Status GreenSilverdale - NW Randall Way
Status GreenSouth Bend - Robert Bush Drive, CSO 25
Status GreenSpokane - East 2nd Avenue
Status GreenSpokane - North Maple Street, CSO 60
Status GreenSpokane - North Washington Street
Status GreenSpokane - Rock Pointe East North Atlantic Street
Status GreenSpokane - Rock Pointe III North Washington StreetJuly 23, 08:24 am
Status GreenSpokane - Rock Pointe Tower West Boone Avenue
Status GreenSpokane - West Boone Avenue
Status GreenSpokane - West Indiana Avenue
Status GreenSpokane Valley - East Trent Avenue, CSO 58
Status GreenSteilacoom - Lafayette Street
Status GreenSteilacoom - SCC
Status GreenStevenson - 2nd Street, CSO 30
Status GreenSunnyside - Mid Valley Mall, CSO 54
Status GreenSunnyside WorkSource - Mid Valley Mall
Status GreenTacoma - 1909 70th Avenue West, Suite B
Status GreenTacoma - 70th Avenue
Status GreenTacoma - 72nd Avenue, CSO 48
Status GreenTacoma - Centennial 1, CSO 67
Status GreenTacoma - Centennial 2
Status GreenTacoma - Tacoma Avenue
Status GreenToppenish - 3rd Avenue, CSO 75
Status GreenTukwila - Olympic Heritage Behavioral Health
Status GreenTumwater - Arab Road
Status GreenTumwater - Irving Street SW
Status GreenTumwater - Israel Road
Status GreenTumwater - Point Plaza East, Building 2
Status GreenTumwater - Point Plaza East, Building 3, CSO 34
Status GreenTumwater - Point Plaza West, Middle BuildingJuly 23, 08:22 am
Status GreenTumwater - Point Plaza West, North Building
Status GreenUnion Gap - West Alder Street
Status GreenVancouver - 136th Avenue, CSO 53
Status GreenWalla Walla - Pine Street, CSO 36
Status GreenWalla Walla - Poplar Street
Status GreenWalla Walla - Stevens Street
Status GreenWenatchee - Chelan Avenue
Status GreenWenatchee - Melody Lane
Status GreenWenatchee - Mission Street, CSO 4
Status GreenYakima - 16th Avenue, CSO 39
Status GreenYakima - Fruitvale Boulevard