Office of Capital Programs

What We Do

The Office of Capital Programs centrally manages construction, renovation, and preservation projects at 10 DSHS hospitals, residential habilitation centers, and institutions. This activity is supported by the agency’s capital budget, totaling $25 million to $75 million each biennium.

Functions include:

  • Develop the Biennial Capital Budget and Ten-Year Capital Plan
  • Manage all design and construction aspects for funded capital projects including budget control and schedule compliance. This includes management of Public Works construction contracts as delegated by the Department of General Administration to the DES/DSHS Team.
  • Assess and monitor the condition of all facilities, building systems, and infrastructure systems and make recommendations for required maintenance, preservation, replacement, or demolition.
  • Provide technical or engineering assistance and advice to the hospitals, residential habilitation centers, institutions, and community facilities for maintenance, environmental, code compliance, design, and construction issues.
  • Financial administration of the Capital Budget
  • Manage energy and resource conservation efforts in DSHS owned facilities and institutions.


2022 Supplemental Capital Budget Request

2021-2031 Ten Year Capital Plan and Budget Request

2020 Supplemental Capital Budget Request

2019-2029 Ten Year Capital Plan and Budget Request

DOC Under Inspection Report for McNeil Island Still Harbor Dock

DOC Main Dock Pictures

CSTC-Clip Capacity Predesign


Fircrest School Nursing Facility Predesign Study

Fircrest School Nursing Facility Predesign Study Supplemental

Fircrest School Master Plan 2017

Fircrest School Master Plan 2010

Fircrest School Master Plan Appendices

Fircrest School Master Plan 1993

Fircrest Excess Property Report-Land Use Options & Recommendations

Medical Lake Campus Master Plan 2014

Medical Lake Campus Master Plan Appendix 1

Medical Lake Campus Master Plan Appendix 2

Medical Lake Campus Master Plan Appendix 3

WSH Master Plan Report-2021

WSH Forensic Hospital Predesign 2020

WSH Forensic Hospital Predesign Appendix 2020

Revised WSH Forensic Hospital Site – Option D

WSH Forensic Hospital Conceptual Design Presentation 

Western State Hospital Cultural Resource Management Plan

Western State Hospital Cultural Landscape Assessment

Western State Hospital - 2016-410: New Kitchen, Commissary & Pharmacy

Project Manual Volume #1

Project Manual Volume #2

Drawings Set #1 (General, Survey, Civil & Landscape)

Drawings Set #2 (Architectural)

Drawings Set #3 (Food Service & Structural)

Drawings Set #4 (Mechanical, Fire Protection & Electrical)

Western State Hospital Unified Communications Study 5.31.18

2020-401 SW BH 16 Bed Civil Capacity

2020-401 SW BH 48 Bed Civil Capacity

2020-401 SW BH 48 Bed Civil Capacity Prototype

2022-419 SW Community Nursing Care Homes Predesign