Test Taking Tips


The following testing tips are only for DSHS LTC tests. 

Oral Test Tips

Sight translation test

  1. Silently go over the entire passage before translating;
  2. Silently read each complete sentence before translating, one sentence at a time.
  3. Avoid word for word translation. Instead, organize best possible target language sentence that conveys the complete meaning of the original sentence;
  4. Mind your enunciation;
  5. Budget your time for each sentence, but be relaxed.

Consecutive interpretation

  1. Listen carefully to the whole sentence/segment;
  2. Pay special attention to key words and details (names, numbers, dates, etc.);
  3. Memorize key words and details (or take notes if it works better for you);
  4. Interpret into best possible target language sentences;
  5. Mind your enunciation;
  6. Save your repeats (two allowed) for long sentences/segments.

Simultaneous interpretation

  1. Look out for the points the speaker is trying to get across;
  2. Pay attention to important details such as date, time, and numbers;
  3. Keep a steady flow of words, and don't waste time fumbling for the exact target language equivalents;
  4. Try to establish a delay between the speaker and you that is comfortable for you;
  5. Keep pace with the speaker at the delay you established;
  6. Don't panic over or think about what you miss; Just remain calm and catch up with the speaker as quickly as you can.

Memory Retention Skills

  • Understand thoroughly;
  • Learn complete units at one time;
  • Spot what is to be memorized verbatim (mark it);
  • Fix concrete imagery (see the key words).