Care Coordinator Toolkit

Health Home Care Coordinator’s Toolkit

This website provides information and resources for Care Coordinators and allied staff. It contains documents which may be shared with clients and families to educate them about chronic diseases and promote wellness and health action planning. Links provide online resources for Health Home staff as well as clients, caregivers, and family members.

  • Chronic Disease and Educational Materials
    This site provides links to health related topics and chronic diseases. It contains health education and wellness materials for clients, caregivers, parents and family members.
  • Forms and Assessment Tools
    This site provides Health Home forms and assessment tools.
  • Health Education Resource Exchange (HERE)
  • Internet Resources
    This site provides links to other online resources regarding special topics and resources for use by Health Home staff and clients.
  • State Programs and Information
    This site provides links to state programs and brochures.

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