Who We Are

The Service Experience Team (SET), a client advocacy group, is made up of volunteers across the state who provide feedback on the experiences of Home and Community Services clients. Currently, its 10 members have an average age of 58. For more on the SET's demographics, see the 2023 Service Experience Team Demographics fact sheet.

Members and their Biographies

  • Frank B. (Bio coming soon)
  • Brenda C. I have been a quadriplegic for 45 years and have advocated for disability rights and the independent living philosophy since the beginning.  I have served on numerous boards, commissions and advisory councils in three states:  Massachusetts, Vermont and Washington.  In Washington State, I have served on the State Independent Living Council, the Governor's Committee on Disability Issues and Employment, and the Home Care Quality Authority (began this agency from ground up, developed the Referral Registry, and served for six years).  I currently serve on the Board of Directors of Columbia Legal Services and the Hoquiam City Council.  I have been fortunate to be gainfully employed for Washington State University, owned a Volkswagen/Audi card dealership, volunteered five years for Harbor Massage and Therapy, and served a year in AmeriCorps in Adult Basic Education and English as a Second Language cost adult learners.
  • Zachary C. (Bio coming soon)
  • Roland D. (Bio coming soon)
  • Richard F. I've been using COPES/New Freedom for 20 years. I find being able on SET very rewarding because I'm able to provide feedback that will be listened to and acted upon. I have a few friends that also utilize DSHS and for years we've talked about how things can be improved with no viable way to get that feedback to people that can act on that feedback and make changes and SET provides that line of communication.
  • Kris K. (Bio coming soon)
  • Isaac P. - Isaac P. came to Tacoma in 2017, after a massive stroke he underwent when he was an investigative journalist in Minnesota. Since making Washington state his home, Isaac has become an advocate and activist for survivors of strokes and traumatic brain injuries. He joined the DSHS' Service Experience Team in 2018. 

    He is a veteran of the DSHS Adult Family Home program and continues to receive medical benefits through DSHS.  Isaac was active in getting a TBI bill through the state legislature and signed into law, as well as participating in a panel created by the Washington state senate making recommendations on how to improve and strengthened the state's elder abuse and harassment laws. He is also a member of Molina Health Care's Member Advisory Panel. Isaac has also kept up a well-received and highly regarded TBI blog, with hopes to publish a collection of his blog essays. Isaac then intends to take some time off to figure out what he wants to do with his life if he grows up."

  • Robert P. (Bio coming soon)

  • Cora T. (Bio coming soon)

  • Zya W. (Bio coming soon)