21-Day Competency Check


The 21-day competency check process is a mechanism by which a defendant who is in custody can be screened regarding an improvement in their clinical status which may warrant a new competency evaluation while the individual is awaiting inpatient restoration services. These screenings may be requested after a person is in jail for more than 21 days after receiving a court order to be transferred to an inpatient competency restoration program.

Effective June 9, 2022, the referring courts, prosecutors, or assigned defense attorneys may request a 21-day competency check for a defendant on a court order awaiting inpatient forensic services from the DSHS if they believe the person’s psychiatric symptoms have improved and a status check is warranted.

To request triage consultation and expedited admission, fill out 21-Day Competency Check request and submit with available supporting documentation to  BHA21DayCheck@dshs.wa.gov