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This guidebook covers need-to-know information regarding the development, implementation, and evaluation of synchronous videoconferencing for state agencies and others who are interested in telehealth in Washington.

Telehealth Implementation Guidebook

Health Guidebook

Current Projects

Forensic Telehealth Evaluation Project

Purpose: This initiative aims to establish and test secure videoconferencing links between the state hospitals, forensic evaluators, and county jails across Washington. These links will provide the capability for Department of Social and Health Services forensic evaluators to conduct evaluations (i.e., competency to stand trial, etc.) from distant sites. The capability also allows attorneys to attend evaluations remotely. The benefits of this capability include:

  • Greater efficiency at completing court-ordered competency to stand trial evaluations
  • Reduced wait-time for defendants waiting in jail
  • Videoconferencing can be used for other purposes (e.g., court hearings, training, and more).

Four county jails are participating in this collaborative pilot evaluation of videoconferencing-based forensic evaluations.