Vocational Rehabilitation Services for American Indians/Alaska Natives


DVR applicants and customers who identify as American Indian or Alaska Native (AI/AN) are offered a referral to a tribal vocational rehabilitation (TVR) program for the coordination of vocational rehabilitation (VR) services that may be available from a partnering TVR program.  The individual may choose to receive services from one or both VR programs. 

State and tribal VR programs may provide simultaneous services to the same AI/AN customer if services are not duplicated. Collaboration and coordination between the state and tribal VR programs expand resources and offers access to culturally appropriate services for AI/AN customers with disabilities who want to work.

May I apply for VR services if I am currently receiving or am eligible to receive VR services from a tribal VR program?

(1) If you are eligible for vocational rehabilitation services through a tribe that operates a vocational rehabilitation program, you may apply for VR services from DVR. (2) The tribal vocational rehabilitation program and DVR may coordinate to provide joint services if you would benefit from such coordination as long as the services are not duplicated.

Contact information for each TVR program in Washington state can be found by clicking here.