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Newly Updated Reduced Cost Services Guide: Find Discounts for You and Your Family. We just updated our Reduced Cost Services Guide, which highlights a variety of discounted products and services for people meeting certain income levels. For example: Did you know that you can get a free android cell phone and free monthly talk/text/data minutes to go with it? Or that people using their EBT card at a farmer's market can get an extra $1 for every $1 they spend (up to $10) per visit on fresh fruits and vegetables? Or that SNAP/EBT users can visit the Woodland Park Zoo for $5 per person (normally adults are $24.60 and kids are $15) and the Burke Museum in Seattle for free (normally $22 for adults $14 for kids)? Check it out – in English and Spanish!

The Economic Services Administration regularly reports the results of our research.

ESA Briefing Book

The Briefing Book is your reference guide to our programs, client demographics, caseloads, and expenditures. The book highlights information for each State Fiscal Year (SFY), the period of July through June, and provides you with some historical data as well.

Cash, Food and Medical Households by Primary Language

This report provides the state, regional, and CSO totals for the number of unique head of household members and the number of unique clients receiving cash, food, or medical benefits, broken down by the clients' primary language. A new report will be posted every month (Please note there is a three month lag in data.)

WorkFirst Performance Measures

WorkFirst is Washington State’s program to assist recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to meet their goals and provide well-being for their family. WorkFirst is a collaborative effort with families, WorkFirst case managers, and local community and partner agencies to build a stable foundation for employment, provide employment and training opportunities, and ultimately serve as a gateway to financial independence. DSHS is required to develop and publish outcome measures for the entire WorkFirst system as well as for local community and partner agencies. These measures are available each quarter to assist program staff, administrators, and partners in managing program performance.

Client (ACES) Letters

DSHS (ACES) sends letters to our clients when there is important information about the clients’ food, cash, or medical benefits. It is critical for the clients to read these letters and follow the instructions as needed. Here is some information about our 10 most frequently sent letters.

Program One-pagers