Background Checks

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For background policy questions:

  • Individual Providers (IP) 866-214-9899
  • Medicaid Contracted Home Care Agency (HCA): 360-725-2560
  • Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Adult Family Home and Enhanced Services Facilities: 360-688-0715
  • For IP and HCA training and certification questions call 360-725-2563. All long term care (LTC) workers (both Medicaid AND private pay) hired on or after January 7, 2012 must have a fingerprint-based background check.

DSHS pays for background checks for all LTC workers.

The Background Check Process

The following are step-by-step background check procedures for:

Access the Background Check Authorization form

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before completing the background check authorization form, contact the entity who will be hiring you or the department if working for an in-home client/consumer.

BCCU Notification Letters

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