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JULY 2022 - New Instructor Webinars and Training Resources Page: The Instructor Webinars and Training Resources page is intended to help guide Community Instructors and Facility Instructors in building high-quality long-term care worker training programs. The webinars have been recorded for instructors to watch at their convenience.

APRIL 2022 - Virtual Office Hours: Virtual office hours are held with Training Unit Program Managers as a live open forum using the Microsoft Teams videoconferencing platform. Instructors who have questions about their training programs are encouraged to join via computer, mobile app or call in by phone. For more information, visit Instructor Webinars and Training Resources.


CareLearn Washington for long-term care facility professionals

CareLearn Washington provides access to professional online training, including DSHS approved continuing education, for long-term care professionals in adult family homes, assisted living facilities, and enhanced services facilities.

Visit CareLearn Washington for more information.

Long-Term Care Worker Training Updates

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