Becoming an Assisted Living Facility Offering the Specialized Dementia Care Program - SDCP

HCS is Now Accepting New Contract Applications: RCS Application for Contract

To obtain a Client Service contract, licensed ALF's interested in becoming an SDCP Contractor must first apply for an Enhanced Adult Residential Care – Specialized Dementia Care (EARC-SDC) contract through Residential Care Services (RCS). Standards of Care for persons with dementia in ALF's is incorporated into WAC 388-110-220 (3) (i) which also defines the physical plant requirements required to obtain an EARC-SDC contract. Once determined to meet the physical plant requirements, Home and Community Services (HCS) staff will conduct a selection process based on provider qualifications, a technical proposal application and geographic need for additional SDCP contracted beds. Client Service contracts will be awarded to new Contractors through the application process outlined here. The local administrator is the primary point of contact with DSHS throughout the execution and administration of the contract.

Note: For a Change in the licensee or change of ownership to an existing EARC-SDC facility; follow WAC 388-110-030 and apply for a contract. Contract applications from existing EARC-SDC facilities with a change in licensee or ownership will be reviewed individually at the ALTSA headquarters.  At its discretion, ALTSA may waive the requirement that the facility be licensed and have provided specialized dementia care for twelve (12) months or more prior to contracting when a change of licensee or ownership has occurred.

To apply for an EARC-SDC contract, a Contractor must:

  1. Review the Provider Qualifications listed here to ensure you are qualified to become an EARC-SDC Contractor. For a newly constructed facility; the official ALF licensee must:

A. Have been a licensed provider of specialized dementia care for the twelve (12) months or more preceding your application for the EARC-SDC contract in:

  1. A facility dedicated solely to the care of individuals with Alzheimer's disease or related dementia, or
  2. A designated, separate unit/wing dedicated solely to the care of individuals with Alzheimer's disease/ dementia, located within a larger facility.
  3. Have no significant enforcement actions at the time of signing the EARC-SDC contract. Significant enforcements are:  citations issued in areas that adversely affect resident care; civil fines based on DSHS' determination of moderate or serious severity; stop placement or condition(s) on license related to resident care, or any license revocation or summary suspension actions;
    1. If a facility received citations or enforcements actions during the year, all of the citations or enforcements actions must be corrected and follow-up by RCS completed prior to signing for EARC-SDC contract;
    2. If a facility has a pattern of repeated citations that adversely affect resident care; a contract will not be offered to the facility until the facility has been free of citations or enforcement actions for at least 90 days;
  4. Be in compliance at all times with all Assisted Living licensing requirements in WAC 388-78A. upon executing and renewing the contract;
  5. Be in compliance with the DSHS contracted residential care services requirements identified in WAC 388-110. upon executing and renewing the contract;
  6. Have either an Enhanced Adult Residential Care (EARC) or Assisted Living Service (AL) contract with DSHS in addition to this EARC-SDC; and
  7. Ensure that staff who will have direct contact with DSHS clients meet the training, certification, and criminal history background check requirements identified in WAC 388-112A and 388-78A-2461 through 2471.
  1. If the Contractor meets Provider Qualifications, complete an RCS Application for Contract and submit to:
    Residential Care Services
    Business Analysis and Applications Unit
    P.O. Box 45600
    Olympia, WA 98504-5600
  2. The Department of Health, Construction Review
    1. DOH-CRS will do an initial screening and provide technical assistance to validate the applying facility meets the physical plant requirements, (WAC 388-110-220 (3) (i) and WAC 388-78A-2380).
    2. There is a $500.00 fee for the DOH/CRS review, see DOH Website Flat Fees. Payment of fees to verify an applying facility meets physical plant requirements does not ensure the facility will be awarded a contract.
    3. The Contractor will receive written notification of whether they meet all Provider Qualifications including physical plant requirements to obtain an EARC-SDC contract. Only those applicants meeting all Provider Qualifications will be eligible to continue the selection process.
  3. Awarding contracts is determined through the technical proposal of the application process described below.
    1. Applicants who meet all Provider Qualifications will receive a technical proposal application packet and have 30 working days to submit the Technical Proposal. Applicants may submit any complaints they have concerning the Technical Proposal Requirements to the SDCP Coordinator up to 5 working days prior to the technical proposal response deadline.
    2. Technical proposals will be scored with a minimum point total required for contract consideration by a HCS team based on the proposal.
    3. Apparently, Successful Applicants and Apparently Unsuccessful Applicants will be notified within 30 working days after the department receives the technical proposal if they are eligible to be awarded a contract.
    4. When technical proposal scores are close to the minimum, Apparently Unsuccessful Applicants may be given an opportunity to provide additional requested information in order to qualify for an EARC-SDCP contract.
    5. Unsuccessful Applicants may contact the department and request a debriefing conference within 14 working days after receiving notification. Debriefing conferences will be scheduled with any Unsuccessful Applicant who makes this request within the time frame specified.
    6.  No Applicant can file a protest regarding this contracting process unless it has first participated in a debriefing conference.
  4. Sign a Contract
    • You will not receive a contract to sign until your technical proposal is approved.

DSHS reserves the right to award contracts based on client populations to be served, our current need, and the distribution of existing contracted specialized dementia care beds in any specific geographical area. Submission of materials does not require a Contractor to continue with additional processes or commit you to accepting a contract. Receipt of submitted materials and the achievement of a minimum score does not require or commit DSHS to offer a contract to you or execute a contract with you.

DSHS reserves the right to retract this direct service contracting process in whole, or in part, at any time without penalty.

Assisted Living Facilities (ALF's) interested in pursuing a Client Service contract with DSHS to provide Enhanced Adult Residential Care – Specialized Dementia Care (EARC-SDC) may contact the Home and Community Services Residential Policy Program Manager for more information:

Emily Watts
(360) 725-3426