Total Confinement Facility on McNeil Island

Picture of residential housing unit at the Special Commitment Center Institution on McNeil Island

The SCC’s total confinement facility, located on McNeil Island, opened in May 2004. It has 309 beds for men and four beds for women in a separate, secured portion the facility. 




Secure Community Transition Facility in Pierce County

Picture of SCTF Program Building on McNeil Island

Also located on McNeil Island is the Secure Community Transition Facility (SCTF) in Pierce County, designed to house SCC residents who receive court-ordered conditional releases from total confinement. This SCTF has a maximum capacity of 24 beds.




Secure Community Transition Facility in King County

Picture of outside of Seattle SCTF Building

The SCC maintains a SCTF in South Seattle that can house up to six individuals who receive court-ordered conditional release from the Total Confinement Facility.