Sex Offender Treatment

The SCC Treatment Program Structure

Sex offense specific treatment focuses on equipping residents with the knowledge and skills that will help them refrain from future re-offenses.  Treatment helps residents develop skills needed to cope more appropriately, while at the same time helping them to build protective factors such as healthy relationships, job skills, and hobbies.  The development of these skills and protective factors increases residents’ sense of self, competence, and motivation to continue to transform their lives in positive ways.

Treatment offered at SCC follows the risk, needs, responsivity model, which matches the level of care provided to the resident’s risk of re-offense. 

The goal of the SCC’s treatment program is to mitigate risk factors associated with sexual offending and to prepare residents for successful reintegration.  This is done through individual therapy, and group therapy aimed at skill development (self-regulation, coping skills, communication skills, relationship skills, etc.) and relapse prevention.  Given that treatment is individualized, the SCC treatment program focuses on what is in the best interest of the resident, what is important in reducing potential for re-offense and what skills, resources, and supports are needed in preparing a resident for an eventual and safe community transition.  Each resident’s treatment goals are reassessed on an annual basis.