Workforce Development

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What is Workforce Development?

The Workforce Development Program involves initiatives that educate and train people to create, sustain and retain a viable workforce that meets the needs of current and future business needs.

OFMHS implements and oversees a statewide, systematic, and comprehensive forensic mental health services workforce development program, to support competency evaluation and restoration, forensic risk assessment, and Not Guilty for Reasons of Insanity treatment.

DSHS also collaborates with and provides training to system partners. For example;

  • Community, including crisis response, homeless, in-home, residential, and clinic-based services
  • In-patient, including residential treatment facilities, private hospitals, and state hospitals 
  • Law enforcement and corrections, including jails and prisons
  • Educational organizations

Workforce Development One Pager

This Workforce Development Program does not provide staffing or staffing contracts. For more information, contact:
Jennifer Popchockhakim
Staff Development & Operations Administrator / Office of Forensic Mental Health Services
Behavioral Health Administration/Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
4500 10th Ave. SE, Lacey, WA 98503