Behavioral Health Support for Providers

Residential Care Services has developed the Behavioral Health Support Team (BHST), offering resident specific consultation and group trainings for staff in every part of the state. Whether a provider is rural or urban, nursing home or assisted living facility, adult family or supported living home, our team is available to support providers who are serving individuals with behavioral health challenges. The goal of the RCS Behavioral Health Support Team (BHST) is long-term success for individuals with behavioral challenges living in long-term and community based settings.  Sometimes it is helpful to contact us before a crisis, as we can help navigate issues before they get to that point.

Providers found our process worthwhile

“Feedback was very helpful to get our staff to understand behaviors and how best to address them.”

“The consultant had done so much prep before coming to our facility. It was evident they knew potential resident very well and brought valuable ideas to our team.”

Providers found success

  • 59% saw a decrease in challenging behaviors following consults
  • 94% felt confident in their ability to handle behavioral challenges in the future

  • 74% of individuals report our services assisted them in following regulations

Other Behavioral Health Support Team Services and Information

BHST Training Services focus on behavioral health topics for providers and staff relating to regulatory guidelines. More information.

Preliminary Technical Assistance (PTA) available to help providers increase understanding of regulations and interventions as they prepare individuals with a known history of challenging behaviors.

Brief case staffing to help providers quickly troubleshoot how to remain in compliance with a specific regulation as they try to respond to a unique behavioral health challenge.

Services available for providers regardless of funding source –accepting Medicaid not requirement.

Any resident receiving care in a long term care facility licensed by RCS is eligible for our services regardless of the residents funding source.

Specific diagnoses are not required – if challenge is related to dementia, schizophrenia, depression or there isn’t a mental health diagnosis, we are available as long as there is a challenging behavior.

There is no requirement for an individual to have experienced mental health hospitalization in their past for a provider to receive our services.

Please know you’re not unique in your struggles to serve residents with challenging behaviors while also remaining in compliance with the regulations, and we welcome the opportunity to help you.

Send us the following information by phone or email to get started

If you are not the facility administrator or provider, please let us know that you have received permission to submit this referral

  • Facility name and type (AFH, ALF, NH, Supported Living/State Operating Living Alternative SOLA)

  • Referent name and contact information

  • Brief overview of concern

  • Resident’s name and date of birth,  description of challenging behaviors and/or your initial thoughts

Referrals by phone or email - BHST email: or BHST Referral Message Line: 360-725-3445

The Behavioral Health Support Team does not provide crisis services. If you or a resident are in a crisis situation, contact your local crisis hotline or call 911

Regulations and Resources