Continuing Education (CE)

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CareLearn Washington provides access to professional online training, including DSHS approved continuing education, for long-term care professionals in adult family homes, assisted living facilities, and enhanced services facilities.

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What is the Long-Term Care Worker CE Requirement?

Most long-term care workers must complete 12 hours of CE each year. For detailed information about CE requirements, go to the Continuing Education Requirements page.

To find a CE class in your area, click on the links below:

DSHS Approved CE Curriculum for Your Training Program

There are many DSHS approved CE options. To learn more about DSHS approved CE curriculum available for use click on one of the links below.  

CE Curriculum Requirements

All facilities, home care agencies, or training programs offering CE classes for long-term care workers must be approved by DSHS to offer CE courses, must use DSHS approve CE curriculum, and must use instructors approved by DSHS to teach CE courses.    

Long-term care worker CE classes must be use one of these training methods:

  • Instructor led (in person classroom training).
  • Online instructor led (such as a live webinar).
  • Online class that has activities to measure the caregiver’s understanding, a final exam, and access to an instructor for questions.  For more information about the standards required for online training, go to the Online Training Standards page.

DSHS does not approve self-study classes (materials/workbooks/programs that you read or view without an instructor) for CE.  Training programs using a self-study method for CE are not approved and will be required to refund participants. If you are not sure a class is approved, contact the DSHS training unit staff at

Submit CE Curriculum You Develop for DSHS Approval

Important Announcement: Continuing Education Curriculum   

  • No more than 24 class hours may be submitted per CE approval form (forms with more than 24 class hours will be returned).
  • Only one CE Application will be accepted at a time (additional CE forms will be returned).

Facilities, home care agencies, businesses, and long-term care worker Training Programs can submit their own CE curriculum for DSHS approval. Curriculum can include material developed by someone else as long as:

  • There is proof of permission from the owner to use the material.
  • The material is used to enhance other material developed by you. The entire CE cannot be made up from borrowed material.
  • For more information about CE curriculum policy view the CE Approval Form or contact DSHS training unit staff at

To submit your CE curriculum for DSHS Approval, click on the links below: