On-The-Job Skills Training in Facilities for Home Care Aide Certification

The Department of Social and Health Services, in collaboration with the Washington Health Care Association, the Adult Family Home Council and Leading Age Washington, have developed an on-the-job training (OJT) opportunity for caregivers enrolled in home care aide certification training.  

On-the-job training allows an approved facility instructor, in an Adult Family Home or Assisted Living Facility, to monitor and coach an employee’s performance in completing necessary hands-on skills while working with residents on the job.

While OJT has been part of the training regulations for some time, we now have a standardized method to implement the program.

 Applying for OJT At Your Facility

Step One: Read the DSHS OJT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The OJT FAQ answers common questions like:

  • What is on-the-job training? 
  • What are the instructor requirements for on-the job training?
  • How can I initiate an on-the-job training program in my facility?
  • What are the on-the-job skills training instructor responsibilities? 
  • What are a facility’s responsibilities for coordinating skills training and instruction with respect to learner completion of the 75-hour certificate? 
  • When can DSHS prohibit a home from conducting its own training?

Step Two: Confirm that your facility has an approved instructor to teach Core Basic (required)

Step Three: Fill out and return the DSHS Facility Training Plan for OJT Skills Training

  • Use the Training Plan for OJT Skills Training form for initial approval to include on-the-job skills hours in your 75-hour long-term care worker basic training.  Submit this application to TrainingApprovalTPA@dshs.wa.gov with “OJT” and your facility’s name in the subject line.
  • IMPORTANT:  The Skills Training form MUST be completed and approved prior to implementation of OJT skills instruction at your facility.

Step Four: Download and review the Skills Procedure Checklist

  • The Skills Practice Procedure Checklist is used by Home Care Aides learning skills taught by training programs on the job or by community instructors using the Fundamentals of Caregiving curricula or other approved training materials. The procedure checklist is available in multiple languages using the link above.