Adult Family Home Administrator Training

The adult family home administrator training is a minimum of 54 hours of training on topics related to the licensing and management of AFHs. 

Chapter 388-76 WAC describes the adult family home minimum licensing requirements. WACs 388-112A-0800 through 388-112A-0840 describe the adult family home administrator training requirements.

Who Must Take This Training per WAC 388-76-10064

  • The applicant and the entity representative must successfully complete the DSHS approved AFH Administrator training. 
  • An applicant and entity representative may not be required to take the AFH Administrator class if there is a change in ownership and the applicant and entity representative are already participants in the operation of a currently licensed home. 
  • An applicant and entity representative must take the adult family home administrator class when the application is for an additional licensed home and the class has not already been successfully taken.

You will receive a certificate after successful completion of the adult family home administrator training course.  This certificate can be used for 12 hours of long-term care worker continuing education in the year it was taken.

Finding Approved AFH Administrator Training Class

Please Note: DSHS requires that all students provide their training program evidence that they meet sufficient English language proficiency requirements prior to taking this course.

The state has contracted with seven colleges in the community to offer this class.

Competency testing is required for this course. The instructor will issue a DSHS training certificate at the completion of the training. A copy of this certificate must be kept in your AFH files.

Find a list of approved instructors.

College Instructor Resources