Disability Determination Services Medical Provider Information

Fee Schedule

DDS Schedule of Maximum Allowances for Medical Services effective 1/1/2024 (PDF)

DDS Schedule of Maximum Allowances for Medical Evidence Requests effective 1/1/2024 (PDF)

DDS Schedule of Maximum Allowances for Medical Services effective 4/1/2023 (PDF)

Information For Health Care Providers

In about 70% of all cases, the information from treating sources provides enough documentation for the final determination of disability. In the remaining cases, a consultative examination - CE is purchased by the DDS. Currently the DDS has approximately 250 medical, psychiatric and psychological doctors who perform consultative evaluations for our office.

If you are a licensed psychologist, MD, DO, audiometrist, speech & language pathologist, vocational specialist or OT/PT that does cognitive and/or motor testing for young children, you may be able to perform consultative examinations for our program. All interested examiners must submit a Request for Qualification - RFQ to be considered for a contract with our agency. RFQs and information about examination requirements for DDS CE's can be downloaded from the DSHS Procurements website.

RFQ 1436-522 ESA Medical and Psychological Services

       Developmental or Speech-Language

       Medical CEs (physical or speciality exams)

       Hearing, Audiology, or Vision



       RFQ 1236-429 One-Day Vocational Workshop Evaluation


Consultative Examiner Disability Digest:

October 2018 (PDF)

Medical Criteria:

Disability Evaluation Under Social Security (The Blue Book)

If you are interested in becoming a Consultative Examiner, please contact the Professional Relations Department:

Professional Relations Department:
Disability Determination Services
P.O Box 9303 MS 45550
Olympia, WA 98507-9303

Medical Relations and Contracts Manager:

Jennifer Elsen
PH: (360) 664-7356
Fax: 1-833-656-1248

Consultative Examination Unit Manager:

Allie Bailey
PH: (509) 724-8187

Uyen Kashani
PH: (360) 584-6630
Fax: 1-833-656-1248

Brianne Leon
PH: (360) 584-5674
Fax: 1-833-656-1248

Teresa Bracy
PH: (360) 584-6416
Fax: 1-833-656-1248

Tetyce Capshaw
PH: (509) 385-2542
Fax: 1-833-656-1248

Rhodesia Mitchell
PH (509) 202-5848
FAX 1-833-656-1248

Consultative Examination Unit Supervisor (Spokane and Federal Way Offices):
Toni Damo-Agcaoili
PH: (253) 681-5178

Consultative Examination Unit Supervisor (Olympia Office):
Susie Nakamura
PH: (360) 664-8031

Electronic Records Express - ERE

Do you have electronic health care records? Would you like to save time and money by submitting requested information to the DDS electronically?

Electronic Records Express is a Social Security Administration - SSA initiative that offers a range of options for submitting medical records to the state Disability Determination Service - DDS. You choose the method, or methods, that work best for your organization.

To Submit Electronic Records

Program Objectives

  • Faster decisions for disability claimants. Fast and reliable electronic delivery increases the likelihood of faster decisions.
  • Increased provider satisfaction. Electronic records get to the DDS with less labor, and more quickly and reliably. The need for follow-up requests is greatly reduced and payment processing can start sooner.
  • Improved use of public funds. The transfer, management, and storage of paper are costly for US taxpayers.

Options For Submitting Records:

Secure Web Site
Transfer records through the Social Security Administration - SSA Electronic Services secure web site using your existing Internet connection. The only software needed is a Web browser. You type in a small amount of case information from the DDS request letter, then attach your electronic data -- scanned paper records, a report generated by your electronic records system, or a report typed in your favorite word processor. File types accepted: .wpd, .doc, .jpg, .bmp, .txt, .xls, .pdf, .tif, .tiff and .zip files that contain any of these file types. For a DEMO of this site, please visit: https://www.ssa.gov/ere/ere_demo_public/index.html

Fax - Use your office fax to send records any time, day or night. Fax software programs may also be used if you can make the first page of the fax the DDDS bar coded cover sheet letter. The bar-coded cover sheet must always be page one. The faxes are digitized for claims processing.


For more information about submitting your records electronically, or to obtain a PIN and Password to use the secure web site, please contact  Baron Wise, Rhodesia Mitchell, Teresa Bracy, Uyen Kashani, or Tetyce Capshaw on the DDS Professional Relations Staff.

CE Provider Support Staff Credentialing Form

If you have a new or change of support staff who will be assisting in part of the Consultative  Examination, please complete this form and return to Professional Relations.

Support Staff Credentialing Form

Billing and Payment

Questions about billing or payments for consultative examinations and medical records should be directed to: 1-800-562-6074 ext 664-7727 or locally (Olympia) 360-664-7727.

Bills may be submitted via fax to 1-800-456-5170. This fax is for bills only. No records please.