Contracting with DSHS

DSHS contracts with many individuals and companies to provide services to DSHS clients, and to purchase or contract for services necessary to improve DSHS business practices. DSHS currently has over 70,000 active contracts, most of which provide services directly to our clients.

In general, DSHS requires that its contractors maintain liability insurance. Details and guidance on such coverage can be found here: Insurance Requirements for DSHS Contracts.

If you are interested in providing services directly to DSHS clients, including such services as medical and dental services, training programs, residential care, or respite care, please contact the DSHS Community Services Office (CSO) in the area nearest you.

If you are interested in providing Information Technology goods or services, or selling goods or services such as equipment, inspections, utilities, vehicles, software, or janitorial services, to DSHS, please contact the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES).

DSHS Electronic Signature Interim Guidelines. RCW 19.360.020 requires that each state agency electing to accept or require electronic signatures or records adopt and publish a policy that describes the methods and processes of electronic signature and record submission consistent with published guidelines.  DSHS interim guidelines may be read here: DSHS Electronic Signature Interim Guidelines.