Establishing Parentage

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For providers

Hospitals, midwives, birth clinics, health departments, physicians, and other organizations form the back-bone of Washington State's Parentage and Paternity Program. Your efforts have made Washington State's program an outstanding success and a model for the nation. This guide provides you with the information you need to comply with federal and state laws and meet the needs of parents who desire to sign an acknowledgment. We sincerely appreciate your efforts!

For parents

Most parents sign the acknowledgment form at a birthing hospital, a birthing clinic, or at home under the care of a midwife shortly after the child is born. A hospital, midwife, or birthing clinic staff person will help you complete the form if necessary, answer questions, and submit the paperwork to DOH. Most hospitals, midwives, and birthing clinics can also notarize the form for you. If you sign within five days of your child's birth, you will not need to pay a fee to file the acknowledgment form. If you do not sign at the hospital, you may obtain the Acknowledgment of Parentage form at your local county health department or any Division of Child Support (DCS) office. If you sign at a DCS office, DCS will send the form for filing and pay the filing fee. You may also call DCS at 800-442-KIDS (5437) to have a form and informational booklet mailed to you at no charge.

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