DCS Tribal Relations

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For over two decades, DCS and Indian tribes have partnered together to develop innovative processes and agreements to address child support. Critical to that effort is a commitment to recognize the sovereignty of each Indian tribe and to build and strengthen relationships with tribal partners.

Relationships founded on trust and mutual respect are investments that have led to improved child support services to children and families in Indian Country. The DCS Tribal Relations Team leads DCS's tribal relations efforts in partnership with DCS leaders, statewide tribal liaisons, and the 29 federally recognized Indian tribes in Washington state. We advocate for policies and laws that respect tribal sovereignty, negotiate intergovernmental cooperative agreements, provide technical assistance and training to staff and tribes, and promote Tribal TANF and Tribal IV-D programs. For more information on Tribal Relations Team's history, core values, initiatives, goals and services, see its Brochure and Business Plan. You can order copies of the brochure from the Washington State Department of Printing.