Administrative Order

If your child support is based on an administrative order, your request for modification must be in writing, or you can call your Support Officer and request a form.  The DCS form to request a modification is called the Petition for Modification-Administrative order (9-280b).  At a minimum your request must include the amount you think the child support should be and why the current order should be changed.  Don’t forget to sign the last page and list your contact information.  Either party can use this form to request a modification. Once it is received by DCS, it will be forwarded to the hearings unit. If all parties, including DCS, agree to the modification, it can be resolved with a settlement. If all parties do not agree, there will be a telephone hearing held to determine if the case should be modified. 

Petition page image    
Petition for Modification


* We will need a separate request for every order you want to modify.