Apple Health Expansion

Apple Health Expansion Enrollment Update:

The enrollment limit for Apple Health Expansion has been met. If you have not applied, you can still complete your application for Apple Health Expansion to be considered if space opens in the program. 

If you applied for coverage and were denied because the cap was met, there are no additional steps you need to take. There is still a possibility you may be randomly selected to enroll if space opens in the program. You will receive an eligibility notice if your are selected for enrollment. 

View the enrollment announcement for regular updates or visit the Apple Health Expansion webpage for more information. Send questions about what this means for you and your family and what to expect over the coming months to the Apple Health Expansion inbox

What it is:

Apple Health Expansion (AHE) is a capped enrollment (limited enrollment due to funding) program for individuals who do not meet the citizenship or immigration status requirements of other Apple Health programs.

When can I apply?

Applications for AHE can be submitted starting June 20th, 2024 at 8:00am for coverage to begin 7/1/2024.

Who may be eligible:

  • Washington residents aged 19 or older,
  • Have countable income at or below 138% of the federal poverty level,
  • Do not qualify for other Apple Health programs based on immigration status,
  • Are not pregnant or did not have a pregnancy end in the last 12 months, are currently not active on after pregnancy coverage, and
  • Are not eligible for qualified health plans with advance premium tax credits (APTC), federally funded medical assistance programs.

What are the income and resource limits for AHE?

There are no resource limits for the Apple Health Expansion program. Clients will need to have income at or below 138% of the FPL. You can click on the link below to see the current 2024 FPL income standards by household size.

Apple Health Expansion | Washington State Health Care Authority


How to Apply:

Individuals who are 65 or older will apply at DSHS and can submit an application in one of the following ways:

Note: An interview is not required for eligibility to be determined, simply submit your application through WACON and you will receive a letter in the mail informing you of the outcome.

You can apply online at or by completing the Application for Long-Term Care/Aged, Blind, Disabled Coverage (HCA 18-005) and returning in one of the following ways. This application can be downloaded from the Health Care Authority website.

  • Mail your application to: DSHS Community Services Division - Customer Service Center PO Box 11699, Tacoma, WA 98411-6699
  • Fax your application to 1-888-338-7410
  • Take your application to a local Community Services Office (CSO)-

Note: When applying, please be sure to check the selection for Health Care Coverage for Aged, Blind and Disabled on your application. 

Individuals who are under the age of 65 will apply through Washington Health Plan Finder:

By completing an application at Washington Healthplanfinder ( You can also apply by completing the Application for Health Care Coverage (HCA 18-001), This application can be downloaded from the Health Care Authority website and returned via the options below. We encourage individuals to apply through Healthplanfinder if possible as you will receive a real time eligibility decision vs the manual processing time of a paper application.  

  • Mail to: Washington Healthplanfinder PO Box 946 Olympia, Washington, 98507
  • Or Fax 1-855-867-4467

Additional information about Apple Health Expansion is available at Health Care Authority website.

As with all our programs, the only way to know for sure if you are eligible is to apply.