ABD Applicant Referrals and the Social Services Intake

Revised on: April 19, 2021

ABD Applicant Referrals

  1. Eligibility staff (PBS/WPS) determine financial eligibility for ABD cash applicants.

    1. PBS/WPS finalize applications for financially eligible applicants age 65 or older. (See CSD Procedures Handbook: Pending an Application or Eligibility Review)

  2. Eligibility staff (PBS/WPS) refer financially eligible applicants to the Disability Specialist (DS). (See CSD Procedures Handbook: Information and Referrals)

    1. PBS/WPS complete a DSHS 14-084 (Social Service Referral) at the time each applicant has been determined financially eligible.

  3. The Disability Specialist (DS) receives and responds to ABD referrals. (See CSD Procedures Handbook: ABD Applicant Referrals and CSD Procedures Handbook: ABD Aged Referrals)

    1. If an applicant is eligible for ABD based on non-SEP criteria described in Disability Determination - Non SEP Approvals, the DS approves ABD prior to completing a Social Services Intake.

  4. The DS reviews and follows any existing Equal Access (EA) Plan for each referred applicant.

Social Services Intake

  1. The DS completes the Social Services Intake in ICMS. (See CSD Procedures Handbook: Social Services Intake)

    1. It is a best practice to complete a Social Services Intake for all ABD applicants however it is not required to determine program eligibility.

    2. The DS does not deny an applicant based on the lack of a Social Services Intake.

  2. The DS creates a new EA Plan or updates an existing EA Plan for the applicant when needed. (See EA-Z Manual: Equal Access and CSD Procedures Handbook: Equal Access)

  3. The DS obtains a signed Interim Assistance Reimbursement Authorization (IARA) when the applicant has a current pending SSI application.

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