DCS Good Cause Appendix

Division of Child Support Information

  1. Address information contained in DCS child support records is confidential. DCS releases confidential address information only upon completion of the address disclosure process. See WAC 388-14A-2105 through 388-14A-2140.
  2. This is the Address Disclosure Process when the custodial parent (CP) does not have an approved Good Cause claim:
    1. The request for an address must be in writing, state the purpose of the request and include a copy of the custody or visitation order that is the basis for the request. The requester’s signature must be notarized unless presented in person.
    2. When DCS receives a written request for a CP’s address, DCS notifies the CP that DCS received a request for his or her address. DCS mails the notification to the CP’s last known address.
    3. When the CP receives notification of the request for his or her address within 30 days the CP may:
      • Provide a copy of a court order which limits the requestor’s right to contact the CP and/or children
      • Get a court or tribal order to prevent release of the address
      • Request an administrative hearing to prevent release of the address
      • Contact the CSO caseworker to make a Good Cause claim if the children receive public assistance.
  3. If the CP requests a hearing there is a 21-day appeal period plus a 30-day late appeal period after the hearing decision. This is effectively a 51-day appeal period.
  4. When the CP does have an approved Good Cause claim, DCS denies the address disclosure request. When DCS denies an address disclosure request, DCS notifies the CP that their address was requested but DCS denied the request.
  5. New federal legislation requires DCS to give the children’s and custodian’s address to the NCP’s employer when DCS enforces the medical insurance provision of a child support order. The CP may elect to use the DCS Medical Support Program address for this purpose instead of the CP’s and children’s address.
  6. If the CP has questions about requesting an address for the NCP, the CP should call DCS at 1-800-442-KIDS.