SSI Facilitation-Tracking


This section is under revision and will include detailed information on how to read and use SDX information and alerts.

Worker Responsibilities

Tracking the SSI Application

Notify clients that they must inform the department when they receive any information from SSA or DDS.

  1. Monitor and track all pending SSI applications to ensure timely filing of reconsideration requests and appeals.
  2. Use tracking systems to monitor client participation in the application process.


Use ICMS to track and record the progress of SSI applications.  The DDDS interface is updated weekly.  SSI facilitation activity reports available in ICMS are:

  • SSI Activity Report.
  • SSI Data Roster including the name and phone number of the DDS adjudicator.
  • DDS status report.
  • SSI Overdue Activity reports.

State Data Exchange (SDX)

The SDX is an exchange of information about a person’s SSI status that is updated weekly.

SDX information is available through ICMS or ACES.  To access SDX data in ACES, see SDX in the ACES User Manual.

State Online Query (SOLQ)

The SOLQ contains real time SSA information. Access the SOLQ through ACES.

See SOLQ in the ACES User Manual for instructions for using SOLQ.

Other Sources

  • Social Security Administration District Office (SSADO).
  • Client advocate.
  • Client contact person.
  • Protective payee.
  • Mental health counselor.
  • Social service agencies working with the client.